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In São Paulo, finding a restaurant that offers the perfect combination of flavor, tranquility and fun for the whole family can seem like a challenge. However, the Party at the Villa (Alameda São Caetano, 395 – Jardim, Santo André) not only meets these requirements, but goes beyond, being voted best restaurant with kids space.

The big What sets Farra na Villa apart is its kids space, which goes far beyond a simple playground. It is a true paradise for little ones and a relief for parents looking for peaceful moments during meals. The environment is carefully designed with safe and attractive toys, transforming into a playful village where children’s imagination can run wild.

The restaurant chosen as the best by the unanimous opinion of moms, oddly enough, is in Santo André/SP and is a place that understands the importance of creating a welcoming and fun environment for little ones. The space has a large lounge, and offers lots of fun for the kids, including the famous toy, one of the largest, measuring 4.5 meters high and 24 meters long, the little ones will face various obstacles. You will also find the village, made up of several houses with different themes for interactions of all types, including a Pet Shop, hospital, mechanics, painting studio and grocery store, as well as a fun tree house.

Trampoline, soccer field, and slackline These are attraction options for those looking for even more different options for children. On the menu, in à la carte modelit is possible to find various typical dishes, covering traditional Brazilian food, perfect for that everyday rhythm, as well as for those looking to break out of their routine. Also included are options for a special kids menu that will also include a wide range of non-alcoholic drinksto please children’s taste buds, in addition to the visual aspect, and bring the family even closer together.


party at vipzinho villa

Farra na Villa includes in its structure important items such as changing table with sink, changing table, breastfeeding chair and microwave. Elevator for people with special needs and outdoor deck. This ensures a perfect environment for all types of families.

The restaurant is located in Alameda São Caetano, 395 – Jardim, Santo André.

Farra Buffet in Vila

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