Nightmare for Fiat, Toyota and Nissan: General strike announced


Terror for Fiat, Toyota and Nissan: general strike leaves 3 beloved cars with their days numbered in Brazil

3 large automakers, such as Fiat, Toyota and Nissan had days of terror after the General Confederation of Labor of the Argentine Republic (CGT) began a 12-hour general strike in Argentina.

The mobilization is in retaliation for the measures adopted by the country’s president, but these 12 hours of strike would not be capable of causing a supply crisis. However, unfortunately, if the movement gains strength and the strike extends, some cars may rise above those of Brazilian dealers.

These cars are from Fiat, Toyota and Nissan, which, due to the strike, could have their sales affected in our country.

The first is the Fiat Cronos, produced in Argentina since its launch. So, it is the only Fiat sedan, which, if the movement gains strength, could disappear from stores.

In second we have the Nissan Frontier, the Japanese pickup truck that gained Argentine production in the current generation. Last year it sold just over 8 thousand units. Luckily for the brand, the pickup truck’s share is modest and only accounts for 11% of sales.

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Ford, Volkswagen and Honda (Photo: Disclosure)

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Fiat and Toyota - photo: reproduction
Fiat and Toyota – photo: reproduction
Toyota car - photo: reproduction
Toyota car – photo: reproduction

In third, we have Toyota’s Hilux, which is the second best-selling Argentine model in Brazil. The Japanese pickup is second only to the Fiat Cronos. If the strike escalates, the pickup truck’s loyal customers will have to fight for units that are running out. Sad is not it?

What measures were implemented to end the strike?

Due to a failure of the terminals grouped in Adefa (Argentine manufacturers’ association), car sales have been paralyzed for a month across the country.

As a measure to improve the crisis, car manufacturers announced a tax reduction for cars, but no one from Milei’s government has yet confirmed how or when this will be implemented.



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