Is your life a mess? 3 organization apps will transform your routine

Is your life a mess? 3 organization apps will transform your routine
Is your life a mess? 3 organization apps will transform your routine

Organize the routine It’s not an easy task, but with current technology, there are apps that promise to help this process. Organization tools have become true allies in everyday life, making everything from controlling healthy habits to managing finances easier.

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After all, who wouldn’t like some extra help to make their days more productive and less stressful? Among so many options available, there are three apps that are making a difference in the lives of many people.

1. Apps for routine: Fabulous

Firstly, we have Fabulous, an app that goes beyond simple reminders. Available for both Android and iPhone (iOS), Fabulous is a habit diary that helps keep your life on track. With it, you can record healthy practices, adjust your sleep cycle and even work on anxiety. In this way, the application offers reminders for physical exercise, tips for increasing productivity and much more.

And best of all: access to Fabulous is free, but for those who want to explore its full potential, there is a premium version for R$7.25 per month. Therefore, it is easy to understand why this app is so loved by users looking to improve their daily routine.

2. Weekly menu

Furthermore, for lovers of good food who want to stay organized even when planning meals, the Weekly Menu is a great choice. Available for both Android and iOS, this app allows you to organize what you consume during the week in a practical and intuitive way.

You can add recipes using photos, images, PDF files and even YouTube videos, making it easy to access your favorite recipes. With dedicated tabs for managing dishes and an integrated shopping list, planning your meal menu is easy. In short, it is a true assistant in the kitchen, helping to keep your food organized and simplifying the shopping process.

3. Mobills is one of the useful apps in your routine

Last but not least, Mobills is the right choice for anyone who wants to have complete control over their finances. Available for Android and iOS, this free app offers a complete overview of your personal budget. In other words, it allows more effective control of bank accounts, credit card expenses and other financial information.

With features such as monthly planning, setting spending limits by category and investment management, Mobills helps you keep your finances up to date. For those looking for even more resources, there is a paid version with exclusive benefits, such as credit card registration and unlimited planning, available for R$159.90 annually or R$34.90 monthly.

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