how to see your 1st like now!

how to see your 1st like now!
how to see your 1st like now!

Due to its great popularity around the world, the Instagram is constantly improving its functionalities and offering new tools to the public. Thus, one of the most recent new features announced by the platform is a tool that will allow people to view their first like on the social network.

That’s right, now you can see what your first like was without using any external resource. The announcement left many people excited about the possibility of remembering the past and, to access this resource, simply follow some simplified steps that will be shown in the text below. Shall we check it out?

How to access your first likes on Instagram?

  1. Open your profile on the social network via cell phone or computer.
  2. Access the home screen.
  3. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Then click on the alternative “Your activity”.
  5. Once this is done, a new page will be shown, containing detailed data about your recent activities on the platform.
  6. 6. To find old images you liked, click on the “subcategory”Likes”.

Instagram allows every user to view their first likes, and to access them, there is a specific filter called “From oldest to most recent”. Through it, it is possible to classify items by types of publication (Feed or Reels), date and even by the authors of the aforementioned content posted.

Thus, a person can have access to all the material they have liked since the account in question was created, allowing old memories to be accessed. This also serves to show how someone’s tastes change over time, providing an interesting overview of the evolution of profile activity.

Finally, there are many other updates that have been released with the aim of improving the experience of Internet users on the system and, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention so as not to miss any news, remembering that social media must be used ethically and responsibly.

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