BMW launches car that changes color and has feelings; look


In a triumphant return to the CES Technology Fair in Las Vegas, the BMW unveiled its latest technological feat: the chameleon midsize sedan called the i Vision Dee.

A year after introducing the concept of color-changing cars, BMW innovates once again, bringing a vehicle that changes its tone in up to 32 colors.

Furthermore, the car has a virtual assistant capable of expressing emotions, reminiscent of the iconic Beetle Herbie (character from the ‘Se Meu Fusca Falasse’ franchise).

The new era of BMW with the chameleon car

The vehicle can change to up to 32 colors and express feelings through AI – Image: BMW/Reproduction

The i Vision Dee, short for Digital Emotional Experience, is not just a concept car, it is a vision of what is to come.

The sedan will be the first of the new technologies and designs that BMW will launch from 2025, marking the beginning of the Neue Klasse, or New Class in German.

One of the innovations that attracts the most attention is the new generation of Head-Up Display, which now extends across the entire windshield.

That technology not only provides information about the route, but also displays notifications from social networks, uses augmented reality and even merges vision with virtual realities, appearing in the vehicle’s windows.

Surprisingly, hi Vision Dee does not have conventional screens, all information is projected on the Head-up Display.

The car’s controls are intuitive, allowing voice interactions, touch on the dashboard and steering wheel, both sensitive to physical contact. In this way, BMW paves the way for a more fluid and integrated driving experience.

Equipped with a voice assistant that can express emotions such as joy, amazement or satisfaction, the car goes further.

When angry, the headlights change position, creating an expression similar to arched eyebrows.

Furthermore, the ability to change color is surprising, with 240 segments in the body, each individually controlled by microcapsules, providing up to 32 different colors.

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