Google Maps service will be closed this February


Google Maps has confirmed that car mode will be disabled in the Android app starting in February. This function, which creates an interface adapted for navigating Google Maps while a person is driving, will no longer exist, but real-time navigation will continue to be available. In this article, we’ll explore the details of this decision and understand what it means for app users.

What is Google Maps Car Mode?

O car mode is an exclusive function for Android that creates an interface adapted for browsing the Google Maps while the person is driving. This interface displays a menu with quick access to Google Messages and audio playback services like Spotify and YouTube Music. The objective of this function was to simplify the user experience, allowing the user to choose songs or view notifications with a few taps on the screen, keeping their eyes on the track.

The End of Car Mode

Confirmation of closing car mode in Google Maps it came via a message displayed on the app interface while browsing. The message states that the preview will be disabled in February, below the end of the mode which is near. This decision was already expected, as some information found in the application code pointed to the mode ending in the second month of the year.

Although no exact data has been released for the service cut, it is important to highlight that the car mode operation guarantee ends on the last day of January. From February onwards, it will no longer be possible to access this function while browsing.

Possible Substitutions

Although Google Maps has not officially revealed what the replacements for car mode will be, it is likely that the app will integrate other voice commands with Google Assistant. This way, users will be able to perform actions without needing to visually interact with the cell phone screen while driving, maintaining traffic safety.

This change could provide an even safer experience for Google Maps users, as Google Assistant voice commands allow you to perform various actions without having to take your eyes off the road. Additionally, other features may be added to improve the browsing experience.

Impact for users

The closure of car mode on Google Maps could have a significant impact on users who were used to using this function. An interface adapted for driving made it easy to access apps like Spotify and YouTube Music, allowing drivers to choose their favorite songs without distractions. However, with the deactivation of the mode, it will be necessary to look for alternatives to access these services safely while driving.

One possibility is to use Google Assistant voice commands to control music playback or receive notifications. This way, you can keep your attention on driving and carry out actions in the app without having to touch the cell phone screen. Additionally, other music playback apps, such as Spotify, also have interfaces adapted for driving, providing commands available on the screen while Google Maps is running.

Other Google Maps Features

It is important to note that ending car mode will not affect the main functionality of Google Maps, which is real-time navigation for drivers. The app will provide routes, traffic information and directions for users to reach their destinations safely and efficiently.

In addition, Google Maps offers several other features, such as the possibility of plotting routes on foot, by bicycle or by public transport. The app also allows users to find nearby commercial establishments, check opening hours and get up-to-date information on points of interest.

Reliable Option for Daily Browsing

The end of car mode on Google Maps represents a change in the way users access applications while navigating. Although this function has made it easier to access audio playback services such as Spotify and YouTube Music, its deactivation does not mean the end of real-time navigation for drivers.

With the integration of voice commands into Google Assistant, it is possible to perform various actions in the application without distractions, maintaining safety on the road. Additionally, other music player apps also offer interfaces tailored for driving, allowing users to continue enjoying their favorite music while driving.

Google Maps continues to be an essential tool for users who want to plot routes, find nearby commercial establishments and obtain up-to-date traffic information. Therefore, even with the end of car mode, the app remains a reliable option for daily navigation.

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