Is your pet among the most intelligent?


If there is IQ test for humans, it also exists for pets! Did you know that? Dogs are gifted with intelligence, but some stand out more than others.

The thinking mind behind this theory is Stanley Coren, author of the book ‘The Intelligence of Dogs’, a psychologist and neuroscientist from the USA.

He analyzed an IQ test for dogs just to see how smart these pets are. According to the expert, the intelligence of dogs goes far beyond simply following orders.

Dogs have this incredible way of understanding commands, learning tricks and navigating different situations.

In Coren’s view, canine intelligence is like a rare jewel that goes beyond basic obedience.

IQ test for dogs – Image: Reproduction

He even created a classification of races, based on his unique idea about intelligence of these little animals.

From now on, dog owners will see things differently!

IQ test for dogs

With a set of five lively activities, this quiz provides a fun and engaging way to immerse yourself in your beloved pet’s bright thoughts.

If you’ve ever wondered about your pet’s perspicacity, the perfect time has come to solve this enigma in a light and relaxed way.

Coren’s canine intelligence assessment categorizes dog skills in three main aspects: instinctive, adaptive and work and obedience.

Be prepared to be surprised by the unique abilities your four-legged companion can reveal during these activities. Below, check out the test step by step:

Step 1: the towel dance

Introduce your dog to a towel or blanket and observe his reaction. Once he’s comfortable, place the fabric over his head to test your ability to shake it off.

Step 2: mystery treats

Hide a treat under a towel and time how long it takes your dog to discover it.

This test explores your furry companion’s problem-solving skills and patience.

Step 3: guess the cup

Hide treats under overturned cups or buckets and watch as your dog uses his memory to find the hidden reward.

Step 4: dog puzzle

Encourage your dog to use his paw to reach for a treat under a piece of furniture, thus assessing his reasoning skills and problem solving.

Step 5: beyond the barrier

Show a treat through a gap in a barrier and watch as your dog rises to the challenge, testing his creativity and ability to find solutions.

Canine intelligence test results

Add up the results to find out the skills different from your dog, obtaining a new point with each step taken.

Keep in mind that these tests are more of a relaxed way to interact with your pet rather than a serious evaluation.

Each dog is special in its own way, regardless of the result obtained.

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