Saying goodbye to 5 extinct motorcycles from Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki


The motorcycles loved by drivers had their goodbye definitively confirmed in Brazil

With increasingly chaotic traffic, absurd prices and the rush to get to the desired destination, many people have swapped cars for motorcycles without thinking twice. After all, there are models from Honda, Suzuki and many others, which would leave anyone’s jaw dropping.

But, as not everything is rosy, 5 motorcycles loved by drivers ended up being extinct from Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki to the tears of the general public. Check out the models below:

One of the models that left the markets is the Suzuki TL 1000S. The model had many interesting attributes, including a super powerful 2-cylinder engine that could reach a top speed of 250 km/h.

However, the model did not catch on and even though it was in production for 6 years, it sold few units. In the farewell year, there were only 6 registrations. Faced with failure, the motorcycle left the market in 2002, costing around R$33,000.

Suzuki TL 1000S was not exciting (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

Another motorcycle that didn’t work out was the Honda Super Hawk, which had similar characteristics to the previous one. Honda even invested in other innovations, such as forks and shock absorbers, but the novelty only lasted ONE year here in the country. Launched in 1997, it said goodbye in 1998, having a lightning run.

Around R$ 10,000: Honda appeals with a new CHEAP motorcycle to take down the only rival that hasn’t managed it yet

Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha manufacturers (Photo: Reproduction / Canva)

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Honda motorcycle launches to annihilate Yamaha (Photo: Reproduction / Canva / Montagem TV Foco)

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Honda Firestorm Superhawk (Reproduction - internet)
Honda Firestorm Superhawk (Reproduction – internet)

Also from the giant Honda, another motorcycle that failed was the Magna 750. It had almost 90 hp and 7 kgf.m of torque, however, this was not enough to gain space among other already established models. Red card! It left the market after just five years in Brazil, in 1998.

Magna 750 (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)
Magna 750 (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

Another motorcycle that did not fall into sales favor was the CTX 700. The model wanted to align traditional custom cycling with an unprecedented, economical, light and good performance package. However, it did not please the public, who preferred more sporty and ‘drinking’ motorcycles.

CTX 700 (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)
CTX 700 (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

Closing the top 5, the motorcycle that was successful and said goodbye to Brazil is the Yamaha RD 350. According to Revista Duas Rodas, the launch took place at the end of 1986 and marked the beginning of a new moment for the brand in the country. It was produced in Brazil from 1986 to 1995 and became known as ‘Black Widow’.

The Yamaha RD 350 LC was a great rival for Honda (Photo: Reproduction/ Internet)
The Yamaha RD 350 LC was a great rival for Honda (Photo: Reproduction/ Internet)

What is the best-selling motorcycle in Brazil?

In production for over 45 years, the Honda CG continues to be the best-selling motorcycle in Brazil. Sold in four versions, from the basic Start to the more equipped Titan, the CG 160 is synonymous with robustness and fuel economy.



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