WhatsApp launches new tool that will leave fans of stickers open-mouthed

WhatsApp launches new tool that will leave fans of stickers open-mouthed
WhatsApp launches new tool that will leave fans of stickers open-mouthed

O Whatsapp was launched in 2009, revolutionizing the way people communicate. Initially, it was possible to send only text messages, using the internet and no longer the cell phone network, such as SMS. Over time, the messenger became even more complete, allowing the sharing of messages, audios, calls, video calls, among many other possibilities.

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As a result, WhatsApp ended up becoming the most used and famous messenger in the world, with more than 2 billion monthly active users. To please its users and continue to maintain leadership among messaging applications, WhatsApp frequently releases new features.

The last of them was a tool that allows sticker creation within the application itself. Before the new feature, users needed to download other applications to be able to transform their photos into stickers for the messenger. Now, it is possible to create a sticker within WhatsApp itself.

How do I create my sticker on WhatsApp?

The new tool was released for WhatsApp Beta for Windows, allowing users to create stickers on their computer. The feature has already been made available for the mobile version of the application. To make the sticker in the Beta version for Windows, just follow the step by step below:

  • Open WhatsApp Beta for Windows and click on the conversation in which you want to create the sticker;
  • Press the sticker icon in the toolbar;
  • Choose the “Create” option and select the image or photo from your gallery that will create the sticker;
  • Use the cropping tool to select the part of the photo that will be transformed into a sticker;
  • Add text, drawings or emojis to the sticker, if you want;
  • Click “Save” to finish the creation and save the created sticker.

After creating your own sticker, it will be saved in the messenger’s sticker tab. This way, it will be possible to send it to whoever the user wants, at different times. Finally, with the new feature, WhatsApp users gain even more autonomy and freedom to communicate in the way they prefer.

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