European stores giving up on physical Xbox games


Several stores and chain stores in Europe are choosing not to purchase new stock of Xbox games, due to the low sales volume of physical units for Microsoft Gaming consoles.

Christopher Dring shared on the Games Industry Microcast that he was informed by a major publisher that several stores in Europe are pulling out of Xbox games due to poor sales.

“Before Christmas, a big publisher told me that in Europe, a lot of retailers started to no longer list Xbox. They simply stopped having stock of Xbox games, Xbox is such a digital console, the physical performance of the games is really low , and when you sell a console where people simply download games, it doesn’t really benefit the retailer,” Dring said.

Dring says he can’t name the European retailers who will no longer stock physical Xbox games, but says he was informed of this by a major publisher.

This comment comes at a time when speculation about Xbox focusing solely on digital consoles is gaining momentum. The company’s internal documents mention the possibility of launching a new console that only runs digital games and recently laid off people dedicated to launching the physical versions of the games.

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