Stellar Blade gets new trailer and arrives in April

Stellar Blade gets new trailer and arrives in April
Stellar Blade gets new trailer and arrives in April

Advance sale starts on February 7th; game will be exclusive to PlayStation 5

1 Feb
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Stellar Blade is one of Sony’s bets for 2024

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Stellar Blade got a new trailer and release date during the first State of Play presentation of 2024, which took place on Wednesday night (31). The title from South Korean developer Shift Up arrives on April 26, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

Advance purchases begin on February 7th at noon (Brasília time) in stores and on the PlayStation Store.

Those who pre-purchase any version of Stellar Blade will receive an early unlock of the Planetary Diving Suit, Classic Round Goggles, and Ear Armor for Eve.

The Stellar Blade Deluxe Edition will include the game, pre-purchase extras, Stargazing Outfit for Eve, Stargazing Outfit for Adam, Stargazing Coat for Lily, Half-Cup Goggles for Eve, Earrings of Quadruple Rectangles for Eve, the Star Observation Pack for the Drone, 2,000 PH EXP and 5,000 in-game gold.

As reported by Shift Up, Stellar Blade narrates the journey of Eve, a warrior who comes from an extraterrestrial Colony to defeat the Naytibas, the enemies of humanity who suddenly appeared on Earth. The Naytibas appear to be attacking the human race according to the will of a superior entity composed of the Alpha Naytiba and the Elder Naytiba, but no one really knows their origin.

Eve, the protagonist, finds herself in a devastated world where she meets Adam, a survivor left on Earth, and Lily, a member of a previous air squadron. They unite to face the Naytibas. Along the way, Eve’s group collaborates with the surviving citizens gathered in the last human city, Xion.

This city is connected to a semi-open region called the Barren Lands and the Great Desert, both of which hide many secrets. In them, players will enter several different people and embark on adventures to fulfill Eve’s objectives and, at the same time, help the citizens of Xion.

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