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The text below was published on the Brazilian PlayStation.Blog.

Hey guys. My name is Samar, and I’m the Associate Game Director at Vertigo Games. We’re very excited to reveal our next project at today’s State of Play. We’re proud to say that, with the support of Deep Silver, we’ve spent the last two and a half years working to bring the post-apocalyptic world of Metro to PS VR2 in 2024.

The best games take us out of our world when they put us in someone else’s shoes. They allow us to live the experience through her eyes.

The Metro franchise constantly tries to offer this. Inspired by Dmitry Glukhovsky’s best-selling books, Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light and Metro Exodus offered immersive first-person experiences at launch. These games put players in the middle of a desperate battle for survival after a nuclear apocalypse.

Metro Awakening is a new game in the Metro franchise made exclusively for VR and powered by the immersive features of PS VR2 and Sense controls.

It’s an origin story that takes place before the events of Metro 2033. It offers both a new angle for Metro fans and a fantastic starting point for experienced VR players who are ready to put on the gas mask.

The new story takes place in 2028, and was written by the creator of the franchise: Dmitry Glukhovsky. You play as Serdar, a doctor who is searching for his wife through the claustrophobic, radiation-ridden subway tunnels of a post-apocalyptic Moscow. As Serdar delves deeper and deeper into the subway, his courage and sanity will be tested by the supernatural forces he encounters and set in motion the events that will lead to this man’s spiritual awakening as something completely different…

A rickety wooden stairwell leads up to a stage, on which stands a figure, arms outstretched. Their shadow is cast huge against the wall behind them by multiple candles that turn the wall red. In front of the figure is a person prone on a table.

But what does all this look like in VR?

Respecting the essence of the franchise, Metro Awakening is an intense first-person adventure that mixes survival, stealth and combat with an exciting story. This means you’ll experience Metro’s breathtaking gameplay in VR for the first time. You’ll search for filters to protect yourself from radiation, panic as you desperately carry your flickering headlamp in the dark, and reload your arsenal by hand as you face the various dangers within the tunnels. With the addition of adaptive triggers and haptic feedback on the headset in PS VR2, we were able to add tactile sensations to the act of pulling the trigger on weapons and being hit by bullets. It’s nuances like these that take VR immersion to an even more visceral level.

A dark tunnel stretches into the far distance. Two figures are patrolling along the train tracks in front of the viewer, oblivious to the player crouched in the shadows behind them, one hand bracing the other as they aim a pistol at the retreating patrol's back. The player's hands are gloved, and on the wrist of one arm is a timepiece, with a glowing digital face stating 09:37.

We’ll be talking a lot more about Metro Awakening before it launches in 2024, and we’ll be honored to bring the beloved franchise to PS VR2 for the first time.

The article is in Portuguese

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