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behind the Xbox, which held its first major gaming event on the 18th, Sony held its 2024 Premiere State of Play just this Wednesday, January 31stjust before the turn of the month.

Image: PlayStation

This race against time on the part of the PlayStation team, however, did not mean that gamers’ expectations regarding the broadcast were low. After all, the Japanese manufacturer itself hypothesized its audience and gave some spoilers of what the public could expect from the presentation.

Over the course of approximately 40 minutes, the promise was that the new State of Play would show more than 15 games that will soon arrive on PS5 – such as Stellar Blade and Rise of the Ronin –, as well as titles that will debut on the console and PS VR2 from 2024 onwards. So, did Sony fulfill its agreement?

All the news from State of Play for January 2024

Got stuck in traffic? Couldn’t follow the show on its official channels? Missed the crispy live Flow Games discussing all the news live (sacrilege!)? Don’t worry, as we have compiled it here – In real time – everything that was revealed during this first State of Play of 2024. Let’s check it out:

Helldivers 2 (PS5 – February 8, 2024)

Stellar Blade (PS5 – April 26, 2024)

Sonic x Shadow Generations (PS4, PS5 – Spring 2024)

Zenless Zone Zero (PS5 – undated)

Foamstars (PS4, PS5 – February 6, 2024)

Dave the Diver (PS4, PS5 – April 2024)

V Rising (PS5 – 2024)

Silent Hill: The Short Message (available today)

Silent Hill 2 Remake (PS5 – undated)

Judas (PS5 – no date)

Metro Awakening (PS VR2 – 2024)

Legendary Tales (PS VR2 – February 8, 2024)

Dragon’s Dogma 2 (PS5 – March 22, 2024)

Rise of the Ronin (PS5 – March 22, 2024)

Until Dawn (PS5, PC – 2024)

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach (PS5 – 2025)

Physint – spy game from Kojima Productions in partnership with Sony (PS6? – undated)

state of play - hideo kojima

Image: PlayStation

Source: PlayStation

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