PS4 turns 10 years old: see the console’s 10 best-selling games


The PlayStation 4 turns 10 this Wednesday (15). Sony’s console was one of the company’s most profitable, especially after the fiasco at the launch of the PS3. At the time, the console lagged behind the Xbox 360 in both quality and popularity, something that resulted in a difference of 3 million units between its sales margins.

On the other hand, the PS4 has been a success since its launch. Although it was not launched with as many features as the Xbox One, especially in relation to motion sensors and backwards compatibility, the console exceeded sales expectations and today has just over 117 million units sold — making it the fifth best-selling video game in the world. history.

The PS4 is the fifth best-selling console in history.Source: GettyImages

But what really stood out in the PS4 era were the games. Since the arrival of new franchises, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man It is Horizon Zero Dawnuntil the relaunch and continuation of others, such as God of War It is Unchartedthere were many titles that made history on the console.

Next, see the best-selling games on PS4!

The 10 best-selling PlayStation 4 games

GTA 5 is still one of the best-selling games for the PS4 todaySource: Steam

In the following list, it is interesting to highlight the following points. GTA 5 It is the game that, despite being released in 2015, maintains the highest current sales standard. Already COD: Black Ops 3 It is one of the best-selling games of the previous generation, that is, it reached incredible numbers on both the PS4 and its competitor Xbox One.

The Last of Us Remastered, even though it was released just a year after the original game arrived on the PS3, it manages to top the top 10 with almost 12 million copies sold. Already FIFA 18even though it wasn’t the last one released for the platform, it was by far the one that sold the most for the PS4.

Finally, it is also worth highlighting that the main games on the list, Marvel’s Spider-Man It is God of War not only were they the ones that sold the most on the platform, but they were also the ones that helped the most to boost console sales. It is worth remembering that both games received bundles, that is, kits where the PlayStation 4 was sold together with a copy of the game.

10. The Last of Us Remastered – 11.78 million units.

9. FIFA 18 – 11.8 million units;

8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – 12.4 million units;

7. COD: World War 2 – 13.4 million units;

6. Red Dead Redemption 2 – 13.94 million units;

5. COD: Black Ops 3 – 15.09 million units;

4. Uncharted 4 – 16.25 million units;

3. GTA V – 19.39 million units;

two. God of War – 19.5 million units;

1. Marvel’s Spider-Man – 20 million units;

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