Chevrolet announces super launch of car in country


New Chevrolet model promises to replace the beloved Celta

Chevrolet finally has its compact hatchback to go head to head with its competitors and leave the brand’s customers more than happy.

In China, in partnership with Wuling the new generation of the Chevrolet Aveo. The model began its history in Mexico but other markets in Latin America already have the promised model. But after all, will it arrive in Brazil?

Chevrolet released economic information about the new Aveo 2024, treating it as next year’s lineup. The brand highlighted the presence of six airbags, four-wheel ABS, seat belt alert and reverse sensor as standard items, without going into details about the engine or dimensions.

You can now say goodbye: Chevrolet has just confirmed the end of a car loved for decades and drivers cry

Chevrolet Aveo (Reproduction/Internet)

In terms of design, the 2024 Aveo presents a distinct approach to Chevrolet’s current visual language, incorporating influences from other models. The side window, for example, is reminiscent of the second generation Hyundai HB20 with its X-shaped connection to the rear. The front, with headlights and front grille, has nuances that refer to Volkswagen models, such as the Nivus.

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Chevrolet car (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

You can now say goodbye: Chevrolet has just confirmed the end of a car loved for decades and drivers cry

Chevrolet ends the car and offers Onix instead (Photo: Disclosure)

End of production: The extinction of a LOVED car when it was displaced by Chevrolet’s ÔNIX

Details such as the chrome trim that joins the headlights to the logo contribute to the similarity with the Volkswagen style, especially with the sporty version of the European Nivus, the Taigo R-Line. At the rear, the lights invade the trunk lid, presenting a horizontal design.

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This will be the first time that Chevrolet will sell the Aveo in a hatch version in Mexico, unlike previous generations available only as a sedan.

Although there are still no plans to introduce the Aveo 2024 in Brazil, the possibility of using the Celta name was mentioned, as the Aveo was never launched in the country, and its spiritual predecessor remains a robust name in the national industry.

Chevrolet Aveo (Reproduction/Internet)
Chevrolet Aveo (Reproduction/Internet)

The sedan is available as a more affordable option compared to the Onix Plus, with a cost equivalent to R$80,000.

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What is Chevrolet’s best-selling car?

In January 2023, the Chevrolet Onix won the title of best-selling model among brand new vehicles. In the previous year, in 2022, the compact hatch recorded the sale of 85,252 units, coming in second place behind the Hyundai HB20, which stood out as the best-selling car of the year, with 96,255 units sold.

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