Otakus celebrate! Now, Crunchyroll will also include games in the subscription

Otakus celebrate! Now, Crunchyroll will also include games in the subscription
Otakus celebrate! Now, Crunchyroll will also include games in the subscription

The hearts of otakus and gamers are beating faster with excellent news: the Crunchyroll will bring a special offer that will unite two important worlds: anime and mobile games.

Mega Fan plan subscribers will now have the privilege of accessing the Crunchyroll Game Vault, a virtual treasure trove full of mobile games premium content carefully selected to captivate lovers of anime and entertainment inspired by these incredible Japanese productions.

Subscription benefits

Crunchyroll, known as the leading streaming platform streaming of anime, is expanding its horizons to offer an even more complete experience to its loyal followers.

Games available in the Crunchyroll Game Vault will be playable without ads and without the need for additional in-app purchases. A real “treat” for anime and game lovers.

The good news doesn’t stop there! Mega Fan subscribers will be able to take advantage of this benefit by opting for a monthly or annual subscription. And best of all, fans can now download the five debut titles from the Crunchyroll Game Vault onto their devices Android.

For iOS system fans, the wait will be a little longer, but the promise is that, soon, everyone will have access to this incredible catalog.

The games available span a variety of genres to suit different tastes. Among the options already available, “Captain Velvet: The Jump+ Dimensions” stands out, which promises an immersive experience, “River City Girls” for those who like frantic actionand the innovative Brazilian single-player RPG “Wolfstride”.

Furthermore, visual novel lovers will have the opportunity to delve into the stories of “Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery” and challenge their minds with the captivating puzzle game “Inbento”.

It is important to note that Mega Fan subscribers who are already part of the Crunchyroll community will not incur additional costs to access Game Vault. However, those who want to enjoy this exciting new feature will have the option to upgrade to the Mega Fan plan.

Learn more about Mega Fan

For those unfamiliar, Mega Fan offers benefits such as ad-free access, the ability to explore Crunchyroll’s vast catalog, access to new episodes immediately after they air on Japanthe possibility of watching on up to four screens simultaneously, viewing episodes offline and, now, unlimited access to the Game Vault.

For eager Mega Fan subscribers, it is important to mention that the availability of Game Vault is occurring gradually in order to ensure a smooth and high-quality transition. Soon, all fans will be able to dive into this new world of entertainment.

In short, Crunchyroll Game Vault is an exciting addition to the already impressive range of services offered by Crunchyroll.

This union of anime and mobile games is a dream come true for gamers. otakus and gamers more passionate. Get ready to dive into epic stories, exciting challenges and incredible adventures, all in one place.

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