PS5 Slim: video shows console inside and size comparison


YouTuber Dave Lee from the Dave2D channel demonstrated the changes to the new PS5 Slim. In video, the content creator disassembled the console and showed how its structure differs from the previous modelbut without compromising on usability.

The first comparison in the video is on the outside of the console: the PS5 Slim is made up of four covers, instead of two. The upper covers are finished in a glossy material, while the lower covers are matte.

Removing the covers is as easy as on the traditional PS5, although there are more of them. The disc reader cover is also removable, allowing it to be customized with the rest of the console.

Easily removable disk reader

Using the disc reader is quite simple too. Lee demonstrates in a video that the component installation/uninstallation process does not require additional tools: just press your finger in a specific position.

The disc reader is connected to the console via a discreet port in the lower right corner of the console. The rest is completely closed, preventing the entry of dust or damage by external objects.

The disc player in the new version of the PS5 is removable.

The input for the external SSD, in turn, is very similar to the previous model: you need a Philips screwdriver to remove it without causing damage, but installation is quite simple. All M.2 SSDs compatible with the standard PS5 are supported by the new model.

New side support

The new PS5 Slim does not come with complementary support straight out of the box — the consumer needs to buy it out-of-pocket. However, the console comes with two plastic “feet” to support the device horizontally.

Dave Lee comments that the PS5 Slim can stand without any support, as its base already offers good stability. However, the version without a disc reader should not be as well supported, as the lower surface is smaller.

Internal structure

The PS5 Slim’s motherboard is practically identical to the previous model, but in a slightly reduced size. The console components are identical, except for the internal storage chips (now fewer and larger in capacity).

Size comparison of the two versions of the PS5.

With the new dimensions, the cooling system has also been revised. The heat sinks continue to have a strong presence on the device.

In the video, Lee comments that the new console performs practically identically to the traditional PS5, even in a smaller body. It is still unclear what provides this improvement in thermal performance in the new device.

PS5 arrives soon

The launch of the PS5 Slim does not yet have a date. However, rumors suggest that the new console will hit stores on November 8th this year.

As for Brazil, there is no expected arrival date either. However, as soon as the PS5 Slim is available in the country, it will replace the previous model at partner retailers.

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