Video shows PS5 SLIM disassembly

Video shows PS5 SLIM disassembly
Video shows PS5 SLIM disassembly

While the long-awaited launch of the PS5 SLIM has not yet taken place in Brazil, enthusiasts from other regions have already had the opportunity to try out the latest model of the console and share their first impressions. The Dave2D channel, for example, carried out a thorough analysis, dismantling the equipment to reveal some intriguing information.

  • You “demo the PS5” in parts;
  • The removable disk is easy to remove and does not require special keys or screws;
  • The smaller PS5 is not as slim compared to the launch model;
  • There is no support for leaving the console vertical; There are two plastic objects, which serve as support for horizontal support;
  • Even without support, the device seems quite stable when left vertically;
  • The PS5 SLIM uses a 6-nanometer lithography;
  • The new model has 1 GB of SSD by default (the original model is equipped with 825 GB).

What has changed in PS5 SLIM?

Sony listed the main changes made to the new PlayStation 5. See:

  • The new PS5 had a reduction of more than 30% in volume, and 18% and 24% in weight compared to previous models. There are four separate cover panels, with the top having a glossy finish while the bottom remains matte.
  • The suggested price of the console is US$499.99 in the USA ($449.99 for the Digital Edition);
  • The new PlayStation 5 includes a 1TB SSD;
  • The console will come with a horizontal base; the vertical base is sold separately.

There is still no date for the launch of the model in Brazil.

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