4 mistakes you should never make on your Android phone

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Being the most used operating system for smartphones all over the world, Android attracts the attention of hackers and scammers. Along with spyware, there are several apps that make money by continuously displaying ads and slowing down your phone. In addition, you may have spy apps on your phone that track your location. If you want to prevent yourself, check out the privacy errors when using your android smartphone.

Privacy errors that can make your Android phone accessible by third parties easily

More and more you need to be aware of the privacy of your smartphone device. After all, nowadays it is used for practically everything, containing confidential information and data that, if they fall into the hands of third parties, can be truly harmful. Know what not to do, and prevent invasions.

Not having a strong password to unlock your cell phone

While a fingerprint and face unlock may seem convenient, we highly recommend that you use a strong password and not a four-digit one to lock your phone. Face Unlock, Fingerprint, Passwords and Codes can be compromised, but a strong password with single characters better protects your phone.

Not having an antivirus installed

While many Android users are aware that there are numerous viruses and malicious apps waiting to attack their phones, very few actually use paid antivirus software or malware protection apps. Antivirus apps can warn you of potential threats and protect you from other threats that your phone’s built-in malware protection might not be able to recognize.

Download apps from dubious sources

It is highly recommended that you disable installing apps from unknown sources in the Settings menu. This option prevents apps from being installed stealthily and also prevents installing apps from sources other than Google Play.

Not having the most up-to-date mobile version

Never ignore security updates or Android version updates that your phone may receive. No matter how long it takes to install updates, it will always be worth protecting your device.

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