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Atltico beats Atltico-GO and keeps chasing the G6 of the Brazilian

photo: Pedro Souza/Atltico

With goals from Keno and Hulk, Atltico beat Atltico-GO 2-0 for the Brazilian Championship

For Atltico, it was only interested in converting the good numbers from the previous games into a victory – and so it happened. On the night of this Sunday (4/9), at Estádio Antnio Accioly, in Goinia, Galo beat Atltico-GO 2-0, for the 25th round of Serie A of the Brazilian Championship, and kept up the pursuit of the G6. The goals were scored by Keno and Hulk.

Atltico grew in productivity throughout the match. Cuca’s team had a first half with little inspiration and some defensive mistakes that culminated in spaces for Drago, but saw Keno, in a beautiful individual move, open the scoring in the 49th minute.

The second half was of great control by Galo. Alvinegro proved to be mature enough to keep the advantage, defend in a low block (most of the time) and created opportunities to expand, especially on counterattacks. At 12 minutes, Hulk scored the goal that sealed the final score in Goinia.

With the result, Cuca’s team remained in 7th position, but now with 39 points. The miners are three points away from Athletico-PR, the first club in the G6 of the Brazilian Championship – qualifying zone for the 2023 Copa Libertadores.

Atltico’s next commitment for the Brazilian Championship against RB Bragantino. The match will take place on the holiday of September 7 (Wednesday), at 5 pm, in Mineiro, in Belo Horizonte.

The game

The match had a balanced start, with Galo and Drago alternating in control of the ball. Atltico had difficulty executing the ball out, thanks to the good pressure work performed by Atltico-GO. In practice, even with three defenders, Cuca’s team had a structure with Rver as the first midfielder.

The lack of confidence that shakes the Galo was once again evident, especially in the attacking moves. On a rise in the middle of the first half, Hulk came out in front of the goal, but preferred the pass to Keno, in the middle of the area. Before dominating, the attacker suffered a slight slip and lost time to finish, being stopped by the opposing defense.

In a first period of technical errors on both sides, Atltico and Atltico-GO produced very little in the offensive aspect in Antnio Accioly. The initial stage was heading towards the end without a single clear chance to score.

Until, in the 49th minute, Keno opened the scoring based on individuality. The striker departed for the left wing after believing in a ball that was about to leave the sideline, dribbled three markers and hit a beautiful shot placed, with curve, in the lower left corner of Renan: 1 to 0.

Atlantic growth and control

At 2 minutes into the second half, Hulk had a great chance to score. In a counterattack, shirt 7 was triggered by Keno and finished for goalkeeper Renan’s defense.

In the second half, with Keno more on the inside, Atltico started to have more offensive solutions. Atltico-GO, in search of the result, could not invade Galo’s organized defensive system and gave way to counterattacks to the Minas Gerais team.

Galo extended the score in the 12th minute. In a smart move, Sasha was triggered by Arana’s cross, fixed it by taking a marker and served Hulk in the area. Standing right, the alvinegro idol scored one more: 2 to 0.

photo: Pedro Souza/Atltico

Rver and Hulk embrace in celebration of Atlético’s second goal

With the game controlled, Cuca promoted the entries of Ademir and Rubens in the spots of Keno and Zaracho, respectively. Shortly afterward, Nacho Fernndez was deployed in Hulk’s place.

In the complementary stage, with the advantage on the scoreboard, the Minas Gerais team had a much superior performance in the first half. Alvinegro rotated the ball patiently, with the players coming together, and looking for the best solutions to find spaces in Drago’s defense.

In the final stretch, Cuca promoted the entries of Calebe and Vargas in the places of Jemerson and Eduardo Sasha. With the changes, Rver was withdrawn to the back.

In the last few minutes, Atltico-GO, which is part of the relegation zone, went on the attack. The Rooster, however, continued to demonstrate competence to defend himself and maintained the victory.



Renan; Dudu (Jorginho), Wanderson, Klaus and Jefferson (Arthur Henrique); Gabriel Baralhas, Marlon Freitas (Airton), Willian Maranho and Shaylon (Wellington Rato); Luiz Fernando (Lo Pereira) and Churn.

technician: Eduardo Baptista


Everson; Mariano, Rver, Nathan Silva, Jemerson (Caleb) and Arana; Jair and Zaracho (Rubens); Keno (Ademir), Sasha (Vargas) and Hulk (Nacho Fernndez).

technician: cuca

Reason: 25th round of Serie A of the Brazilian Championship

Date: Sunday, September 4, 2022

Place: Antnio Accioly Stadium, in Goinia

referee: Luiz Flvio de Oliveira (SP) (FIFA)

assistants: Alex Ang Ribeiro (SP) and Fabrini Bevilaqua Costa (SP) (FIFA)

VAR: Daiane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (SP) (FIFA)

goals: Keno (Atltico, at 49″ of 1°T); Hulk (Atltico, at 12′ of 2°T)

yellow cards: Luiz Fernando (Atltico-GO); Nathan Silva, Zaracho (Atltico)

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