Tired, Vitor Pereira says he can’t work miracles – 09/04/2022

Tired, Vitor Pereira says he can’t work miracles – 09/04/2022
Tired, Vitor Pereira says he can’t work miracles – 09/04/2022

Collectives after bad results are moments of some tension and embarrassment. It always seems that the body of journalists that does the interview and the coach that gives the interview are adversaries.

Everyone is in a defensive position and ready to counterattack if they feel attacked.

Maybe it didn’t have to be this way. Of course, some questions will be uncomfortable, others will be unnecessary, it’s part of this game. But the rivalry makes no sense.

To some extent, the boring posture of the coaches must have to do with the obligation of the interview.

More and more buried by products and brands that, by contract, must appear at press conferences, they have to speak for a few minutes and explain their failures (explaining successes is the most delicious thing, everyone is in a good mood and friendly).

But the journalist is just an intermediary between the club and the fan. He is a professional who is there to do his job, just like the coach.

Of course, you don’t have to appear happy and bouncy after a bad result. This is not the case, nor is this a direct criticism of VP.

He’s not the only one to make it clear that he didn’t like the questions, he’s not the only one to nudge them, he’s not the only one to appear disinterested in press conferences.

But that’s not what I wanted to say, even though I’ve already said it.

Anyone who saw Corinthians against Inter saw what happened on the field.

Ramiro came in as a starter and I would speculate that 90% of the fans would not have named Ramiro as a starter.

Even so, the team left for the break having turned the game to 2×1 – and missing the chance to amend a 3×1 if Roger Guedes had been more mature in the finalization of the last bid.

In the second half, Fagner left injured for the entry of Rafael Ramos who was also injured and gave way to Bruno Mendes.

Whoever complained about Ramiro had to swallow Roni at the beginning of the second half and, unbelievably, missed Ramiro.

The entry of Cantillo in place of Giuliano was also not understandable. The midfield was left with Fausto, Roni and Cantillo and the midfield, of course, disappeared. In this context, Inter grew and dominated until a draw.

At the press conference, exhausted – it is not known whether from the result or from the questions he clearly hated – explained point by point why he could not have done anything differently and said that there is no way to work miracles, although miracles sometimes happen.

Embezzlement and lack of spare parts justify, for him, the result that, say, VP found deserved given the lack of creativity of Corinthians.

It is difficult to criticize a coach who is close to taking the team to the final of a Cup and who is the only one to remain in the G4 since the first round. But football involves criticism in health and illness. From all sides and for all tastes.

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