Corinthians draws with Internacional and loses chance to be vice-leader of the Brazilian; see how it was

Corinthians draws with Internacional and loses chance to be vice-leader of the Brazilian; see how it was
Corinthians draws with Internacional and loses chance to be vice-leader of the Brazilian; see how it was

This Sunday, Corinthians drew 2-2 with Internacional at Neo Química Arena, in a game valid for the twenty-fifth round of the Brazilian Championship. Balbuena and Yuri Alberto scored goals for Timão. Alemão and Alan Patrick scored for the gaucho team.

With the tie, Corinthians overtook Fluminense and reached third place in the table. However, the alvinegro club lost the chance to assume the vice-leadership of the Brasileirão. In case of victory, Timão could pass Flamengo.

The match was eventful. Alemão scored for Internacional before the first minute. Corinthians reacted and turned the game around in the first stage with goals from Balbuena and Yuri Alberto. However, Alan Patrick equalized for the gaucho team in the second half.

Write it down – Corinthians returns to the field next Sunday. Timão faces São Paulo for the twenty-sixth round of the Brazilian Championship. The Majestic will be played in Morumbi. The ball rolls at 4pm.


Coach Vítor Pereira could not count on Renato Augusto and Lucas Piton for the confrontation against Internacional, both felt pain and were low this Sunday. With the return of Giuliano, Ramiro and Fábio Santos to the starting lineup, the alvinegro club entered the field with Cassio, Fagner, Gil. Balbuena and Fabio Santos; Fausto, Ramiro and Giuliano; Gustavo Silva, Róger Guedes and Yuri Alberto.

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The game

First time

The match had barely started and Internacional came out ahead of the scoreboard. With less than a minute into the game, at 47 seconds, Bustos charged the side in the area, Alemão took advantage of the vacillation of the defense, finished and scored the first of the gaucho team.

After the coup, Timão tried to reorganize itself in search of a tie. The alvinegro club bet on quick transitions, but failed on the last pass. On the other hand, Internacional invested in counterattacks and in a low block marking.

At 11 minutes, Corinthians players got into trouble with the referee. After launching into the area, Ramiro played with Gabriel Mercado. The ball hit the Internacional defender’s hand and the Timão players asked for a penalty. The referee ordered the game to continue.

A minute later, Timão reached equality on the scoreboard. After a corner kick, Gil headed towards the middle of the area and Balbuena completed it to the back of the net. Corinthians scored and tied the game.

Timão pressed in search of a turnaround and occupied the attacking field. In the 18th minute of the first half, Róger Guedes kicked from outside the area, Daniel gave a rebound and Yuri Alberto scored the second goal for Corinthians.

The alvinegro club came to dominate the match. Internacional struggled to create offensive opportunities. At 18 minutes, Timão had a chance to extend the score. Róger Guedes took a free-kick at the angle and Daniel defended to save the gaucho team.

The Corinthians attack was successful in attacks from the sides. In the 33rd minute, Róger Guedes scored with Gustavo Silva, reached the bottom line on the left and crossed into the area. However, no athlete from Timão managed to finish the move.

The match was lukewarm, with no great chances for either side. In the 43rd minute, Internacional once again created a good opportunity. Fausto lost the ball, Maurício entered the area, kicked cross and the ball hit the post. On the rebound, De Pena shot over the bar.

Timão still had a good opportunity in stoppage time. Gustavo Silva pulled the counterattack, passed it to Róger Guedes. Shirt 10 was in front of the goalkeeper, but he kicked and goalkeeper Daniel made a good save to save Internacional. The first leg ended 2-1 for Corinthians.

Second time

The second stage started with Internacional in attack. At two minutes, the gaucho team had its first chance in the last half of the game. Alan Patrick took advantage of the Corinthian defender’s hesitation, kicked from outside the area and the ball went over the crossbar.

Timão exchanged many passes in the attacking field, but could not create effective scoring opportunities. At eight minutes, Gustavo Silva took a corner, Daniel tried to take it, punctured, but Internacional’s defense removed the danger.

Vítor Pereira promoted the first substitution in Corinthians and put Rafael Ramos in the place of Fagner. Shortly after joining, the Portuguese was injured and had to be substituted. However, at this point, the coach took the opportunity to make three changes: Bruno Méndez in place of the side, Cantillo in the place of Ramiro and Roni for Giuliano.

The alvinegro club became withdrawn. Internacional put pressure on Corinthians’ attack field, and Timão tried to steal the ball to pull the counterattack.

At 16 minutes, Internacional scared the Corinthians fan again. After a good play on the side, Alan Patrick crossed low at the penalty mark and Wanderson arrived to try to finish. The player was blocked by Bruno Méndez.

Internacional tied the match in the 23rd minute. After a pass from Renê, Alan Patrick received the ball at the entrance of the area, straightened his body, kicked it from outside the area and hit the angle of the goal defended by Cássio.

The gaucho team grew in the match. In the 28th minute, Internacional was close to breaking the tie. After a quick counterattack, Edenílson passed to Alemão, who kicked to a good defense by Cássio at Neo Química Arena.

At 29 minutes, Vítor Pereira promoted the last substitution in the Corinthians team. The Portuguese coach put Mateus Vital in the game. The midfielder took the place of Gustavo Silva. The alvinegro club sought to attack, but had difficulties.

The gaucho club had a good chance in the 36th minute. After Alan Patrick’s free kick, Pedro Henrique headed alone at the second post. The finalization was not full and the ball went over the Corinthians crossbar.

The Timon started to start again a minute later. After a good attack on the left side, Róger Guedes dribbled two markers, invaded the area, tried to finish, but was blocked by Internacional’s defense.

In the 39th minute, the alvinegro club had a great chance to break the tie. In a quick counterattack, Mateus Vital passed to Yuri Alberto in speed. Shirt 9 was face to face with Daniel, kicked cross, but the ball went out. The game ended in a 2-2 tie.

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