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Matheus Bidu and Wesley Gasolina
It was the news of the team, after being spared against Sampaio. But they didn’t. They were well marked, but they also made a lot of technical mistakes. They would be important pieces to pierce the outrigger of Criciúma, “opening the field”, but they did not succeed. Note: 4

Cruzeiro’s 1 x 1 Criciúma goals for the 28th round of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B

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Bruno Rodrigues
Striker came in and changed the history of the match. One of the most active in attack, he always tried to help creating or finishing by himself. He was awarded at the end of the match with the equalizing goal.
Note: 6.5

Scorer of Cruzeiro’s goal, Bruno Rodrigues is elected Crack of the Game: “An important point”

Eduardo Brock
He is one of the most regular in the team, but he didn’t play well at Mineirão either. He was wrong in excess in attempts to launch and inversion to the offensive sector, in addition to having made a bad mistake in Criciúma’s goal. Note: 4.5

1 of 3 Cruzeiro team gathered before the game against Criciúma — Photo: Alessandra Torres/AGIF

Cruzeiro team gathered before the game against Criciúma — Photo: Alessandra Torres/AGIF

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Filipe Machado
On a day when the team couldn’t even get close to the best performances of the year, even in terms of attention on the field, Filipe Machado was the best. He was the most pillaged, turned on, fighting for possession. The negative side was the yellow card for complaint, still in the first half. Note: 6

Rafa Silva
He came in in the final minutes to help with the pressure of the celestial attack. He couldn’t help and, when he saw the Criciúma goalkeeper try to delay the start of the game, he lost his head. He complained to the goalkeeper and then to the referee. He was expelled.
Note: 1

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The notes for Cruzeiro players:

Rafael Cabral: 5
Zé Ivaldo: 5.5
Lucas Oliveira: 5.5
Edward Brock: 4
(Geovane Jesus: 6)
Filipe Machado: 6.5
Neto Moura: 4.5
Wesley Gasoline: 4
(Jaja: 5.5)
Matheus Bidu: 4
(Bruno Rodrigues: 6.5)
Daniel Junior: 5
Luvannor: 6
(Rafa Silva: 1)
Ed: 5.5
(Lincoln: 5.5)

3 of 3 5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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