Fortaleza loses to Botafogo and ends a positive sequence in the 2nd round of Serie A – Play

Fortaleza loses to Botafogo and ends a positive sequence in the 2nd round of Serie A – Play
Fortaleza loses to Botafogo and ends a positive sequence in the 2nd round of Serie A – Play

O Strength lost to Botafogo 3-1, this Sunday (4), for the 25th round of the 2022 Serie A. At Arena Castelão, the alvinegro team scored twice in the 1st half with Eduardo and extended it with Marçal at the return of the break – Moisés discounted, The score interrupted the sequence of five consecutive victories of the Ceará team in the 2nd round of the Brasileirão.

With the result, Leão follows with 30 in the table, now in 12th position. The next match will be against Fluminense, on Saturday (10), at 7 pm, at Maracanã, in Rio de Janeiro. The distance to the relegation zone is currently five points.

Botafogo equaled Fortaleza in the score, but was 13th on account of the goal difference: -3 x -5. On Sunday (11), Estrela Solitário faces América-MG, in Engenhão, at 11 am.


The game timeline

0-15m from the 1st T | Fortaleza started the match with great intensity. At 14 seconds, at the exit of the ball, Juninho Capixaba crossed in the area. Thiago Galhardo broke through, but Romarinho dominated and kicked with great danger. With a high markup, the team put a lot of pressure on Botafogo, which closed. At 14, the visitors responded with Eduardo, who demanded a great defense from Fernando Miguel.

15-30m from the 1st T | In the very busy match, Botafogo opened the scoring with Eduardo, at 18. The midfielder took advantage of Jeffinho’s cross from the right and finished with no chance of defense: 0x1. Leão almost equalized at 20, with Juninho Capixaba taking advantage of a free kick rebound. Afterwards, Fernando Miguel made great saves in submissions from Tiquinho Soares and Adryelson.

30-50m from the 1st T | Botafogo maintained the offensive posture with the favorable score and extended it to 35 minutes. After Marçal’s corner kick, Cuesta deflected his head and Eduardo completed: 0x2. The Ceará team could not impose itself to seek the reaction and was stopped by the opposing defense. At 48, Thiago Galhardo shared with goalkeeper Gatito and claimed a penalty, but the referee ordered him to continue.


00-15m from the 2nd T | On the return of the break, Vojvoda activated Hercules and Pedro Rocha in Fortaleza. The team started with high lines. Botafogo closed down and explored the dead ball. At 4, Adryelson headed in danger after a foul. At 8, penalty suffered by Thiago Galhardo. Robson hit for Gatito’s defense. In the sequence, the goalkeeper made another intervention, in a shot by Hercules.

15-30m from the 2nd T | In the very open match, Botafogo widened at 18, with Marçal taking advantage of the rebound from the entrance of the area and hitting the angle: 0x3. Thus, Fortaleza went into the full attack, also with the additions of Silvio Romero and Otero. At 21, the strategy is successful: Thiago Galhardo pushes for Moisés, who lowers the score: 1×3. Thus, the game turned all pressure in the match.

30-50m from the 2nd T | In the last substitution, Lucas Lima replaced Lucas Sasha, leaving Fortaleza even more offensive. Despite the pressure, it wasn’t enough to get a tie at Arena Castelão. The result interrupts the Lion’s streak of five straight wins in Serie A.



  • Strength: Fernando Miguel; Brítez, Benevenuto, Titi (Otero) and Juninho Capixaba; Lucas Sasha (Lucas Lima), Zé Welison (Hercules) and Thiago Galhardo; Romarinho (Pedro Rocha), Moisés and Robson (Silvio Romero). Coach: Juan Pablo Vojvoda.
  • Botafogo: Catito Fernandez; Rafael (Lucas Mezenga), Cuesta, Adryelson and Marçal; Tchê Tchê, Eduardo (Gabriel Pires) and Lucas Fernandes; Jeffinho (Kanu), Victor Sá (Lucas Piazon) and Tiquinho Soares (Júnior Santos). Coach: Luis Castro.


  • Competition: Serie A – 25th round.
  • Date: September 4, 2022, Sunday.
  • Time: 16:00 (from Brasilia).
  • Goals: Eduardo, at 18′ 1Q (0-1) and at 35′ 1Q (0-2); Marçal in the 18′ 2T (0-3) and Moisés in the 21′ 2T (1-3).
  • Yellow card: Eduardo and Marçal (BOT); Juninho Capixaba (FEC).
  • Location: Arena Castelão.
  • Broadcast: TV Verdes Mares, Premiere, Rádio Verdes Mares and Diário do Nordeste.

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