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Formula 1 has barely left the Dutch GP weekend, but Yuki Tsunoda already has a big headache for the next race in the category, at Monza. By taking his fifth reprimand of the season at Zandvoort, the AlphaTauri driver has reached the limit allowed by F1 regulations and will have to serve a penalty of losing 10 places on the starting grid in Italy.

On the 45th lap of this Sunday’s race, Tsunoda stopped the car outside the track in the first sector of the track shortly after stopping in the pits. “The tires aren’t stuck,” he said. It was a safety car certainty, but AlphaTauri said no, nothing was wrong. The Japanese man started walking again and stopped in the pits, now in the last position. But despite the team checking the car, Tsunoda said something was wrong and was ordered to stop. He stopped on the track for the VSC to be triggered.

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In the midst of it all, the Japanese man unbuckled his seat belt. And for that, he was punished by the FIA ​​(Federation Internationale de Automobilismo) for “driving in an unsafe condition”.

“After a pit stop of car 22, the driver stopped the car because he felt that a wheel was not properly fitted. The commissioners’ investigation led to the conclusion that, in fact, there was a problem with the differential. Therefore, the car was not in an unsafe condition when it was released from its pit-stop position. However, during the hearing, the driver admitted that after stopping on the track, he was ready to abandon the car and started to unbuckle his seat belt, without unlocking it. After that, he returned to the pits where the mechanics retightened their belts. It is not possible to determine exactly to what degree the seat belt was loosened by the pilot.

Yuki Tsunoda (Photo: AlphaTauri)

According to Article 18.2 of the FIA ​​Sporting Regulations, any driver who reaches the number of five warnings will be penalized and will lose 10 positions on the starting grid of the following race.

Tsunoda had previously received reprimands in Bahrain (for blocking Charles Leclerc in FP2), Australia (blocking Carlos Sainz in FP2), Australia (driving unnecessarily slow during qualifying) and Monaco (blocking Kevin Magnussen in FP2).

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