Verstappen guarantees the party at home, wins the Dutch GP and opens more than 100 points in the World Championship; Russell and Leclerc completed the podium


With the win, the Dutchman opened up 109 points for Pérez and Leclerc in the drivers’ standings.

Per João Almeida

04/09/2022 – 15:00hs BRT

04/09/2022 – 15:00hs BRT

Verstappen with the orange sea in the background
© Credits: Clive Mason/Getty ImagesVerstappen with the orange sea in the background

Max Verstappen did not disappoint the great sea of ​​orange fans in the Dutch GP this Sunday (4). Racing at home, the Red Bull driver won another race, accumulating his fourth victory in a row., the 10th of the season. Lewis Hamilton was close to “stealing” the triumph with a different strategy, but he was overtaken by the Dutchman in the final laps. George Russellfrom Mercedes, and Charles Leclercfrom Ferrari, finished second and third respectively.

How was the Dutch GP?

Pole, Verstappen made a good start and shot at the end. Carlos Sainz and Hamilton touched in the first corner, but both emerged unscathed from the dispute for third position. Nonetheless, Ferrari would star in another mess in the season in the following laps: with the Englishman glued, the Italian team called Sainz to the pits. In the pit, one of the mechanics forgot to take the left rear tire, causing a delay of 12s7 on the switch. Result: the Spaniard dropped from third to 11th on the track.

With a one-stop strategy (with the exception of Lando Norris, the main pack made two), Hamilton decided to seek his place on the podium on lap 37. The seven-time champion put pressure on Sergio Pérez, making a beautiful maneuver to overcome the Mexican from Red Bull. Russell took the momentum of his teammate and passed Pérez, taking fourth place, which would become third after another trip to the pits by Sainz.

On lap 55, the safety car comes into play when Valtteri Bottas stops on the track. Verstappen decided to make a new stop and put on soft tyres, while Hamilton continued with the medium ones, following Mercedes’ plan. At the restart, on lap 61, it was no different: the Dutchman overcame the Englishman without great difficulties. Russell and Leclerc would still overtake the seven-time champion, leaving him fourth. On top of that, Max crossed the finish line in first with fireworks and a big party in the stands.

The top 10 of the Dutch GP were: Verstappen, Russell, Leclerc, Hamilton, Pérez, Fernando Alonso, Norris, Sainz, Estaban Ocon and Lance Stroll.

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