Ferrari wrong to forget tire at Sainz stop

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It’s getting harder and harder to find a race where the Ferrari don’t be remembered for grotesque mistakes – whether in strategy or pilots’ parade. At the Dutch GP formula 1 it was no different: Carlos Sainz suffered with the longest stop of the race – and if you want even of the season – after staying 12s at the pit stop.

Maranello’s team called Carlos Sainz to the pits, but when the driver got there, the left rear tire was not ready to be put on the car. The mechanic had to go into the garage and come back with the compound. With that, the Spaniard – who was in third place at the time – had a stoppage of about 12s.

And the bad stop wasn’t Sainz’s only problem in Zadvoort. After another entry into the pits, Ferrari unsafely released him back into the pit lane and, with that, the Spaniard was penalized with five seconds into the final race time.

Provisionally, Carlos Sainz crossed the line in eighth place, after losing two positions, seconds before the checkered flag, to Fernando Alonso and Lando Norris, with that, the final result – and official – will be even worse with the penalty.

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