World champion for Inter reveals hurt with Mano at Corinthians

A relevant piece in that Internacional that won America and the world in 2006, Perdigão has not very pleasant memories and experiences when he spent time at Corinthians two years later. The former midfielder, now 45 years old, was relegated to Timão by Mano Menezes, the current Colorado coach. Inter and Corinthians make this Sunday (4), at 16:00 (Brasília time), a direct clash for the G4 of the Brasileirão.

“It was a unique and exclusive matter for the technical committee, as far as I knew. Before negotiations started with me and my manager, they [Corinthians] they must have called about five, six steering wheels before they spoke to me [foi contratado em janeiro de 2008]. I said: ‘I’ll go, the pressure at Corinthians is strong, playing in Serie B is not easy, it’s pressure at Corinthians’. I felt it even more when I arrived, the blame was all on the guys [que havia chegado para 2008]”, recalled Perdigão, in an exclusive interview with UOL Esporte.

“It’s not your fault [pelo rebaixamento na temporada anterior], but transferred to the class of 2008, as if we were there. The team was practically reformulated, we had the boys from the base, Dentinho, Lulinha, Éverton Ribeiro, Bruno Otávio… Goalkeeper Felipe continued, as did Fábio Ferreira. The rest, practically, were players who wanted to be signed, good signings,” he added.

According to Perdigão, the fact that he did not have the same manager as Mano Menezes at the time – the former player was managed by Ricardo Ruchinsque, while Mano was managed by Carlos Leite -, was crucial for not having followed at the São Paulo club in 2009, when Corinthians had the reinforcement of Ronaldo Fenômeno and was champion of the Copa do Brasil. The previous year, he participated in the journey that culminated in the white-and-white title in Serie B.

Perdigão in presentation to Corinthians, in 2008

Image: Fernando Santos/Folha Imagem

“I’m a good guy, there’s no way a coach doesn’t like my way of being, within the squad too. In addition to being a winner, I’m good people and we had that year of reconstruction in 2008 (…). In the end that year [com o título da Série B e a vaga garantida na Primeira Divisão], before we went on vacation, Andrés Sanchez said to me: ‘I want to count on you for next year and all, but the coach doesn’t want much. You are not managed by his manager, talk to him [Mano Menezes]’. I said no and that it was with my manager and I said that he [André] that I had to want. I didn’t stay, it was a year of achievements, it was important. It would have been nice if I had continued, but oh well. I did my part,” he said.

The ex-Curitiba midfielder revealed that for a certain moment he held grudges against Mano Menezes, but time made the feeling dissipate and today he has nothing against the Colorado coach.

“Until today, we never had a conversation about what happened and such. I played with him on the 15th of November in Campo Bom-RS, in 2004, we had a nice campaign in the Copa do Brasil, we reached the semifinals. I was also with him in Caxias. We faced each other, he for Grêmio, I for Internacional, at the end of 2007, and he asked for my signing”, he recalled.

“I was upset with him yes, to a certain point, then I understood that I no longer needed to be upset with him anymore. At the time, he was not a partner because when he called me I was always… I stopped going to other clubs to go with him in another situation, there was a lack of transparency: ‘Perdigão, my intention is to bring other guys into the role, but I’ll say that I want you and you go there and talk to the guys, if you think it’s good to negotiate with them, I’ll count on you, you won’t be the first option, but things can happen as they didn’t. Maybe I could have had a different feedback, I missed something that football always asks for, which is: ‘dad, where are you? your ‘father?. That coach is your father’. He lacked being a big daddy. I had come to the struggle and we went up together”, he added.

Mano hit the Inter team

Proof that Perdigão no longer holds grudges, he told the report that Mano put the Inter team back on track. Colorado reached the quarterfinals of the Copa Sudamericana (it was eliminated by Melgar-PER) and is currently at the top of the Brasileirão table.

“The team is doing well. Mano arrived and totally changed the atmosphere between the fans, the club and the players, he managed to make the crowd like to cheer, to believe. Of course, there was the episode of the Sudamericana, everyone was excited. is one of the most winners, there’s no way you can’t think of a title and the crowd was kind of like this [desconfiada]. But in the Brazilian he has had a great campaign, he is in the classification zone for Libertadores”, he analyzed.

Adriano Gabiru and Perdigão watch Inter’s game against Cruzeiro in the midst of Colorado fans

Image: SporTV/Reproduction

On the field in that controversial game between Corinthians and Inter, in 2005, at Pacaembu, when he was still defending the red side of Rio Grande do Sul, Perdigão pointed out that the rivalry with Timão has increased over the years after the episode that judge Márcio Rezende de Freitas did not score a penalty in favor of the gauchos and even sent off Tinga — the game ended in a 1-1 tie and the paulistas would end up taking the Brazilian title that year.

“It’s always a difficult game, even more so since the rivalry has intensified even more since 2005. Some people think it’s more classic Corinthians and Internacional than against Grêmio itself. Grêmio is the rivalry of the house, the neighborhood, the community against Corinthians it ended up becoming a national classic because of the one in 2005. Then there was the relegation of Corinthians, there was the game against Goiás and people complained that Internacional was soft-hearted, all those things. So, it ended up becoming a different atmosphere. It will certainly be a very emotional game this round”, he commented.

“Corinthians won again now in the Brasileirão with Red Bull Bragantino, it was a tough game. It’s always complicated to play in Itaquera. Internacional comes from three, four firm rounds in the Brazilian, has grown a lot. It’s going to be a game, a duel of big teams. I’ll risk a draw result, it’s the most similar result for both teams”, he concluded.

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