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Bell’s palsy: know what is the facial disorder that makes Patrick de Paula miss Botafogo

Bell’s palsy: know what is the facial disorder that makes Patrick de Paula miss Botafogo
Bell’s palsy: know what is the facial disorder that makes Patrick de Paula miss Botafogo

Patrick de Paula will miss the Botafogo against Fortaleza, at 4 pm this Sunday, in a game valid for the 25th round of the Brasileirão, for a somewhat rare problem in the world of football. The steering wheel was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsya disorder that can be considered as a partial facial paralysis.

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O THROW! consulted Renan Coutinho, a neurologist at the UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), who gave details (read below) about Bell’s Palsy.

The problem is caused by the weakening of one side of the face. Patrick, in this case, has already started treatment to return to the lawns.

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Which is?
“Bell’s Palsy is the result of inadequate function of the facial nerve, which is the nerve that controls the muscles of the face. Through the contraction of these muscles we can smile, close our eyes, demonstrate positive and negative reactions – what we call mimicry. In Bell’s Palsy, this inflammatory dysfunction of the facial nerve is considered idiopathic, that is, without a causal agent, although it is closely related to the herpes virus.

Some studies show that Bell’s Palsy may be associated with reactivation of the herpes virus in the facial nerve pathway. It becomes dormant and at a favorable moment, it could reactivate.”

Does it have to do with stress/mental part?
“Stress and other situations that can potentially lower immunity, in theory, could facilitate the development of Bell’s Palsy by viral reactivation of the herpes virus, but it is not the cause of the paralysis.”

What are the symptoms?
“Usually, the patient with Bell’s Palsy may have pain in the pinna a few days before facial paralysis, alteration in taste, which correspond to other functions/structures innervated by the facial nerve, other than motor.

Unlike stroke, in Bell’s facial palsy, the entire hemiface (half of the face) is compromised, while in stroke, there is almost always loss of motor function only in the lower part of the face, and therefore, the deviation of the mouth or which we call the labial commissure.”

How does recovery work?
“In Bell’s Palsy (idiopathic facial palsy), recovery is almost always complete, within a few weeks. Some therapies such as corticosteroids and certain antivirals when indicated at the right time, can accelerate recovery and outcome, although there is no conclusive evidence to respect.

The main treatment for Bell’s Palsy involves physiotherapy and eye protection care, because with the difficulty of closing the eyes, there is a decrease in tear lubrication and dryness, which can lead to serious inflammation that can culminate in visual loss in extreme cases.”


Patrick de Paula did not even travel to the capital of Ceará because he is taking medication that has a substance that is considered prohibited by the CBF, which could accuse Patrick in an eventual anti-doping test – and generate consequent punishments.

The article is in Portuguese

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