Braz explains ‘priority’ for reinforcements in Europe, says he fought for River’s jewel and cites ‘gringo’ who almost hired him: ‘It was closed’

Braz explains ‘priority’ for reinforcements in Europe, says he fought for River’s jewel and cites ‘gringo’ who almost hired him: ‘It was closed’
Braz explains ‘priority’ for reinforcements in Europe, says he fought for River’s jewel and cites ‘gringo’ who almost hired him: ‘It was closed’

Marcos Braz explained why Flamengo prioritized signings from the market in Europe and detailed how Brian Rodríguez ‘melou’

THE transfer window in Brazil was celebrated in Flamengoboth by the fans and within the club itself. Fighting for three titles simultaneouslyRubro-Negro shows the strength of the squad in each match, when coach Dorival Junior can now choose to send names like Arturo Vidal, Everton Chives, Guillermo Varela and Erick Pulgar, athletes with a history of performances in national teams.

In common between them, as well as other reinforcements recently hired, is the fact that they arrived in Gávea from Europe, even though they were South Americans.

According to Marcos Braz, the ‘priority’ in the search for players working in the Old Continent has been a constant in the football board for more than three years, and it began with the signing of big names like Rafinha and Filipe Luís.

“I think at the beginning, in 2019, you had, perhaps, some barriers and greater distrust. As it became everyday, it got better. When we arrive, in January 2019, the process of hiring Rafinha, a Bayern Munich player, in January was not possible, but in December it was. When you arrive in the middle of the 2019 semester, we start to understand that we could hire Filipe Luís, who was a player for the Brazilian team, Copa América, Atlético de Madrid, I think people started to see this transformation”, said the club vice president in a podcast interview charlaat the Youtube.

“Since I took over, in January 2019, I understood that Flamengo needed to go through a process of having a foreign coach, so much so that we did it with Jorge Jesus, and we did it with those that didn’t work either. But I think this also made it easier and it was important for us to understand the size of Flamengo, or more than that, the size of what Flamengo can reach”.

The manager also used as an example the negotiation for the Uruguayan Brian Rodríguez, who was close to being a reinforcement at Flamengo for the season.

“Don’t be in any doubt: the problem with the currency and Brazil is on the South American continent. This puts you in some situations where you are not on an equal footing to bring in a player. For example, people say a lot: ‘Is it just a European player?’ No! We hire anyone who can come. For example, in this window we tried to sign, we got very close to a player who is in the United States (Brian Rodríguez), who is in the MLS. We closed with the player, the manager said that we would have a condition within the club, when it came time to bring him, we couldn’t, and by chance he was in the United States. That happens”.

“We tried to hire an area head who was at River [Plate], which was being monitored by Benfica and Milan. How will I compete? Unless you know the market and a little about this game. Benfica went and paid what we were not going to pay and took the player. What I want to say is: Flamengo will look for a player wherever they are. By chance, in our opinion, in those years the players we most wanted or had the most conditions for were in Europe”.

“A major factor, a facilitating degree: with the name of Flamengo today, we get there and buy a player to pay in three or four years. Money there is cheaper than here. If the team that is selling there, sees that the team that is buying is a good payer and will not have any problems… and sometimes it doesn’t even sell the whole player, it will keep a percentage. Flamengo is still a world showcase. The club comes and sells to us. He knows he will receive it, the money is a little cheaper and there is still a percentage that can still be valued”.

“A good example is Gerson. Flamengo hired Gerson cheaper than Roma had hired. We took him at the end of his loan at Fiorentina, returning to Roma. We bought the player, Roma still got 10, 15%. When we sold, they received 10 or 15% on top of the amount we sold to France (Marseille). It was good for Roma. When you turn that to the Latin American market, you don’t get that shot. Money here is more expensive.”

“You go to Argentina, 15% is mandatory for the player. 10% to the union, if you don’t pay, forget it. The player is cheaper? Yeah, but you take a risk. He’s a player who hasn’t shown it yet… or who hasn’t played in a league as strong as the ones you’re theoretically looking for in Europe. We have no problem with any player from Latin America, just a market situation”.

Marcos Braz also explained what ‘melted’ the negotiation between Flamengo and Los Angeles FC by Brian Rodríguez.

“I was closed with the manager (of Brian Rodríguez), then the club arrived and said: ‘It’s only sold and not loaned’. That didn’t work for us. I’m just saying that we don’t have any prejudice with any kind of market”.

The article is in Portuguese

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