Verstappen celebrates ‘unbelievable’ pole at home after

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Max Verstappen held the ‘orange army’ party this Saturday. Even with Ferrari and mercedes showing his strength, the Dutchman delivered a great lap at the end of qualifying to secure pole position for the Dutch GP in formula 1in Zandvoort.

It looked like Ferrari was on its way to pole, but Verstappen was able to recover the gap in the second sector to secure the position of honor at home with just 0.021 of a lead to Charles Leclerc.

Pole came after a busy Friday, with the Dutchman having gearbox problems right at the start of FP1 and a rush from Red Bull to prepare the car for FP2, but with the RB18 not being to the champion’s liking, something which he commented in the interview after the classification.

“It’s unbelievable. Especially after yesterday we had a tough day, but we worked really well overnight with the whole team and turned around. And today we had a fast race car too, but it was pretty close. rating here is insane”.

Verstappen was still asked whether Red Bull had made too many changes to the car from Friday.

“Yes, we changed a lot, because yesterday we ended up racing to prepare the car for FP2. But today it was again pleasant to race.”

Formula 1 ends the 15th stage of the 2022 season this Sunday with the Dutch GP. The start is scheduled for 10 am, Brasília time, with broadcast by Band and F1TV Pro. And make a note of it: as soon as the checkered flag rolls in Zandvoort, Podium live on the channel on YouTube with the presence of rich hairstyle and Felipe Motta. Don’t miss out!

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