FIA plans to implement sustainable fuel in F2 and F3 from 2023

FIA plans to implement sustainable fuel in F2 and F3 from 2023
FIA plans to implement sustainable fuel in F2 and F3 from 2023

F2 will switch to sustainable fuel from next year

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Formula 2 and Formula 3 will undergo a major change next year. In a decision taken by the FIA ​​to help Formula 1 reach the goal of having a fuel that is less harmful to the environment from 2026, the two categories will switch to using 55% sustainable fuel from 2023, a percentage that will increase. year by year and reach 100% in 2027.

The decision is part of a set of measures taken by Formula 1 to increase its sustainability, with the ultimate objective being to become a zero-carbon category by 2030. All championships approved by the FIA ​​will now require cars with fuel. 100% sustainable from 2026, at the same time the new engine regulations will come into force in Formula 1.

“Aramco is the leader in this segment, and – still subject to approval by the FIA ​​World Motor Sport Council – will deliver on our ambitions on sustainable fuel, working closely with our colleagues in F2 and F3, who not only bring drivers of the future, but offer an excellent testing ground for the latest engineering in motorsport,” said Stefano Domenicali, F1 boss.

F3 is also included and will receive the new fuel from next year (Photo: F3)

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“In 2026, F1 will move towards a sustainable, zero-carbon fuel, which offers an innovative solution for the automotive sector and beyond. With the support of Aramco and all our manufacturers, we can accelerate the sector towards emissions zero,” he said.

The new fuel, however, will not require major changes to the power units that are currently used in the two base categories. Bruno Michel, CEO of F2 and F3, highlighted the importance of sustainability in today’s society and supported the move taken by the FIA ​​towards ‘green’ fuel.

“Sustainability is a priority in today’s world, and we’ve been working for some time to make sport more sustainable,” he said. “The goal of switching to synthetic fuel can only be achieved by partnering with a branded Aramco company, which is determined to produce advanced sustainable fuels in the near future,” he explained.

“It’s easier to implement such a significant change in F2 and F3, as they are single categories, with a single supplier,” said Michel. “We are delighted to take an innovative stance – as we did last season, with the introduction of the 18-inch tires that are currently used in F1 – and take the first steps towards fully sustainable synthetic fuel.”

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