Santos Mobydix encourages entry of young people into basketball

Partnership with the Febre Basketball project already has almost 200 athletes in the under-14 and under-16 categories (Credit: Disclosure Santos FC Mobydix)

Santos Mobydix, a basketball project inaugurated in 2021 in partnership with Peixe, has increasingly expanded its activities in the sport. In addition to the women’s and men’s 3×3 basketball teams and the wheelchair team, in 2022, Mobydix also started to work in the development of the basic categories of Brazilian basketball.

The work at the base arose from a proposal for a partnership with the Febre Basketball project, developed 13 years ago with young people aged between 6 and 17 in Baixada Santista. Currently, there are almost 200 athletes who receive the opportunity to practice a sport as a form of social development and, for some, even professional development.

On a day-to-day basis, training, games, discipline and teamwork help the youngest to develop both in terms of sports and as people. In addition to opening doors for those who stand out, who can federate and project a career as athletes.

“When Santos FC Mobydix appeared, the team got in touch with us and this idea of ​​cooperation came up. We received sports materials, incentives to participate in official competitions and all the support necessary to develop the work with our boys. A partnership that has worked very well and has been gratifying for both parties”, celebrates Pedro Custódio, coordinator of the Febre project.

Santos Mobydix currently has sub-14 and sub-16 5×5 basketball teams, which compete in the Liga Santista Championship, from LBBS, an affiliate of the Paulista Basketball Federation. A rare opportunity for young people in the region, given the current scenario of little investment in the sport here in Brazil.

“Any incentive for grassroots work in sport today is very important, because currently it is almost zero, if we are to consider the size of our country and the need our young people have to practice some type of modality as a parameter. So any kind of incentive is very important, even more coming from a big club like Santos, it’s even better”, analyzes Custódio.

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