CBF takes Galo’s board by surprise and drives fans crazy

CBF takes Galo’s board by surprise and drives fans crazy
CBF takes Galo’s board by surprise and drives fans crazy

This Wednesday (31), the CBF authorized the return of children with the players before the games. Since the beginning of 2020, after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the so-called child mascots are prohibited from entering the lawn holding hands or even in the lap of athletes.

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“The ‘mascots’ are back! This Wednesday (31), the CBF authorized the return of children in the entry protocol of the teams still this season of Brazilian football. The decision seeks to resume a tradition in the country, which has marked generations and helped to foster the passion for football in so many young people”, announced the CBF.

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THE Itatiai Radioa, according to the new version of the CBF Technical Operational Guideline, explained how it will be done: “There will be a maximum of 22 children at least five years of age and with the mandatory use of a protective mask without an apparent trademark. Each player can take two pets. Before, the number of children was unlimited and, in decisive games, they even made a huge aisle for the idols to pass.”

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Next round already authorized

With that, the children will return to the lawns in this 25th round of the Brazilian Championship. Galo fans will be able to see this Sunday (4), at 18:00, in the duel against Atlético-GO. Check out Atlético’s table until the end of the championship.

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  • 25th round: 4/9 (SUN): Atlético-GO x Atlético – 19h
  • 26th round: 7/9 (WED): Atlético x Bragantino – 17h
  • 27th round: 9/17 (SAT): Avaí vs Atlético – 16:30
  • 28th round: 9/28 (WED): Atlético x Palmeiras – 21:45
  • 29th round: 10/1 (SAT): Atlético x Fluminense – 3pm
  • 30th round: 5/10 (WED): Santos vs Atlético – 21:30
  • 31st round: 10/10 (MON): Atlético x Ceará – 20h
  • 32nd round: 10/15 (SAT): Flamengo vs Atlético – 20:30
  • 33rd round: 10/23 (SUN): Fortaleza vs Atlético
  • 34th round: 10/26 (WED): Atlético vs Juventude
  • 35th round: 10/29 (SAT): Sao Paulo vs Atlético
  • 36th round: 6/11 (DOM): Atlético vs Botafogo
  • 37th round: 9/11 (WED): Atlético vs Cuiabá
  • 38th round: 11/13 (DOM): Corinthians vs Atlético

*In italics, games with no confirmed date and times

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