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The classification of the Formula 1 Dutch GP, scheduled for this Saturday (3), will be sunny and without any possibility of rain at the Zandvoort circuit, on the shores of the North Sea. Thus, there will be climate stability for the taking of times and definition of the grid for drivers and teams.

Timing starts at 3pm local time [10h de Brasília, GMT-3]. The sun will be under a clear sky and the temperature is expected to be 23°C, with a thermal sensation of 24°C. The information is from the Accuweather weather service.

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George Russell’s Mercedes did well on the first day of Formula 1 in the Netherlands (Photo: AFP)

Also, winds will be a factor. The expectation is to have an average of 16 km/h and gusts of up to twice that, 32 km/h. The relative humidity of the air is 41%. There is no chance of rain.

The day of Formula 1 at the Zandvoort track opens, however, with the third and final free practice. The session is scheduled for 12:00 local time [7h de Brasília]. The expected temperature is 21°C and the same thermal sensation. The sun will also shine brightly, albeit through some clouds. Average winds of 19 km/h and gusts of up to 27 km/h.

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