Serena makes a new game, but is surpassed by an Australian and says goodbye to the US Open – 02/09/2022

Serena makes a new game, but is surpassed by an Australian and says goodbye to the US Open – 02/09/2022
Serena makes a new game, but is surpassed by an Australian and says goodbye to the US Open – 02/09/2022

One more night round US openonce again in which Serena Williams stepped into Arthur Ashe Stadium knowing he could be playing his last official match. Once again, the former world number 1 delivered everything that was expected of her: aces, indefensible returns, spectacular rallies. gloriously saved match points and emotional celebrations. She only lacked victory, which was denied her by a relentless Ajla Tomljanovic, currently number 46 in the world. The Australian saw Serena serve to close the first set and then play a spectacular tie-break in the second set. Tomljanovic, however, was unfazed even after starting the third set back. She fought to the end and was rewarded with a memorable triumph by 7/5, 6/7(4) and 6/1 worth one spot in the round of 16 in New York.

For Serena, the defeat spelled the end of one of the most glorious careers in the history of women’s tennis. At the age of 40, the American leaves the sport, taking with her 39 titles in Grand Slam tournaments – in singles, there were 23, just one less than the Australian Margaret Court, the biggest slam winner in history including men and women. Serena also won four Olympic golds, spent 319 weeks at No. His career prize pool exceeds $96 million.

“Thank you, Dad. I know you’re seeing it. Thank you, Mom. Thank you to everyone who’s been here, who’s been by my side for literally decades, but it all started with my parents, and they deserve everything. I’m so grateful to them. tears of happiness, I guess. I don’t know. And I wouldn’t be Serena if there wasn’t Venus, so thank you, Venus. She’s the only reason Serena Williams existed. It was a fun journey. It was the most amazing journey.”said the American in the post-game interview, still on the court.

Asked by former tennis player Mary Joe Fernandez if there was any chance of reconsidering her decision to end her career and return to competition, Serena smiled, said she should have returned to playing earlier this season and concluded by leaving something in the air: “I don’t think so, but you never know.”

In the round of 16, Tomljanovic will face another very strong opponent. Her rival will be Liudmila Samsonova, 23, number 35 in the world. The Russian is on a 13-game winning streak in which she won both the Washington and Cleveland WTA titles. Tomljanovic and Samsonova have already faced each other twice on the world circuit, with a win for each side.

How did it happen

Serena had her serve broken in the first game after making a couple of unforced errors. Tomljanovic, however, barely had time to celebrate the advantage. The veteran reacted and returned the break in the second game, which balanced the match. The two tennis players then settled in, and the game continued evenly until the eighth game, when two great returns from Serena made the difference. The first came right at the starting point and forced a mistake by the Australian. The second came at break point to settle the game and put Serena ahead by 5/3. This time, however, the roles were reversed, and it was Tomljanovic who returned the break immediately, preventing the veteran from closing the set.

With momentum in her favor, the Australian capitalized. In the 11th game, she made a beautiful pass on the parallel, another right and left winner on the parallel to get another break and turn the score around: 6/5. Then she confirmed her serve with an indefensible right and closed the set: 7/5.

Until then, Tomljanovic managed to match Serena’s exchanges – including power – and did not back down, preventing the American from attacking more easily. Instead, Ajla traded blows toe-to-toe, but avoided taking too many risks and didn’t seek the lines all the time. Her success mainly came from her good choice of when to hit winners.

One set from elimination – and the end of her career – Serena, however, managed to stop the Australian’s run when she got a break in the second game of the second set. Well with the serve, the former number 1 opened 3/0, returned to fire the public and did not let the opponent breathe. Attacking more and making fewer mistakes, the veteran opened 4/0 and looked like the partial was resolved, but Tomljanovic kept fighting. First, she returned one of the breaks. Then, the Australian saved four set points to make 5/3 and force Serena to serve for the set. Then she broke Serena once more to leave the score at 5/4 and, in the rocked confirmed once again to tie the partial (5/5). Finally, in the 12th game, she came out of a delicate 15/30 to force the tie-break.

The tiebreaker game started with Serena accurate in the attack and opening 4/1, but Tomljanovic didn’t give up. She confirmed both serves, reduced the gap to 4/3 and evened the score at 4/4 with a right on the line. Against the ropes, Serena didn’t mind the pressure. She fired an ace to make 5/4 and won a 20-hit rally with a winning right, opening 6/4. With an excellent return, she forced Tomljanovic into another error and closed the partial at 7/6 (4).

The third set started with Serena Williams in the lead once again. The American, right away, broke Tomljanovic’s serve. However, as she did throughout the game, the Australian resisted and fought back. She returned the break immediately, went ahead when she confirmed the service and amended the good moment with another break in front of a Serena who was starting to not show the consistency of before. Shortly after, Ajla was already leading by 4/1. Physically, the 40-year-old veteran was no longer able to keep up with long rallies, and the Australian did not waste the opportunity. Serena, however, didn’t give in without a fight. In the seventh game, with nothing to lose, she saved one match point after another. There were five, always with courageous moves. Always raising the audience. Until a right on the net, at the sixth match point, finally put an end to the match.


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