in which countries is it more expensive to complete the championship album

in which countries is it more expensive to complete the championship album
in which countries is it more expensive to complete the championship album

Completing the 2022 World Cup album costs in Brazil at least R$548 — considering the cost of the booklet (R$12, traditional) and all 670 stickers, or 134 packages (R$536), present in it. That’s if you’re very lucky and you never find any duplicates — which, as you know, is practically impossible.

But in other countries, the value can be much more expensive, if local currencies were converted to real values.

According to information from the Bloomberg agency, completing the album costs, on average, US$ 1,200 (about R$ 6,214.08) in the United States. The amount is more than US$ 150 (about R$ 776) than what was needed to fulfill the same objective in 2018, the year of the last championship, held in Russia.

Considering the cost to complete the album in the United States, the UOL calculated how much it would take, on average, to do the same thing in major countries. The report used the exchange rate of each country’s currencies on Wednesday (31), to eliminate inconsistencies caused by time zone differences in markets that could be open and closed.

The calculation was made by the official platform of the Central Bank for currency conversion.

This survey shows that Cuba is the country that has the highest average value to complete the World Cup album, with each collector having to pay the equivalent of R$ 6,215.04 to have all the stickers.

The list continues with Iran, Denmark, Argentina and the United States, which form the ranking of the five countries where completing the album is more expensive.

Russia, which has been at war with Ukraine since February this year, came in last.

See the full list below:

  1. Cuba: BRL 6,215.04
  2. Iran: BRL 6,214.32
  3. Denmark: BRL 6,214.14
  4. Argentina: BRL 6,214.10
  5. United States: BRL 6,214.08
  6. Japan: BRL 6,213.20
  7. India: BRL 6,213.06
  8. Sweden: BRL 6,213.04
  9. Canada: BRL 6,212.20
  10. China: BRL 6,211.67
  11. Euro Zone: BRL 6,211.62*
  12. Turkey: BRL 6,211.46
  13. Norway: BRL 6,210.87
  14. Mexico: BRL 6,210.77
  15. Australia: BRL 6,210.42
  16. Switzerland: BRL 6,210.27
  17. New Zealand: BRL 6,210.03
  18. Chile: BRL 6,208.64
  19. Syria: BRL 6,207.73
  20. Colombia: BRL 6,206.46
  21. Iraq: BRL 6,206.29
  22. Iceland: BRL 6,198.92
  23. Venezuela: BRL 6,198.35
  24. Uruguay: BRL 6,198.33
  25. Tunisia: BRL 6,175.24
  26. Bolivia: BRL 6,080.98
  27. Russia: BRL 6,011.50

*The Eurozone was grouped together for having a single currency.

World Cup sticker pack doubled in price in Brazil

report of UOL published in July showed that the album and the stickers were more expensive than in 2018 and scared collectors.

According to prices published by Panini at the time, the album would cost R$12, in the traditional version, or R$44.90 in hardcover, while the pack with five stickers would cost R$4 – double the price charged four years ago. , year of the last world cup.

The rise in the price of the stickers exceeded the accumulated inflation in the period, according to calculations made using the IPCA (Extended Consumer Price Index) calculator.

While the packages went from BRL 2 to BRL 4 between March 2018 (the month of release of that year’s album) to June 2022 – a 100% increase –, the inflation registered in the meantime was 30.5%.

If they were readjusted only by the IPCA, the packages would cost R$ 2.61 today.

The price of the album itself also rose above inflation, but slightly less than the stickers. In March 2018, the product was launched for R$7.90; this year, it will be sold for R$ 12 — a value 51.9% higher. If the price were corrected only by the IPCA, the 2022 album would cost R$10.31.

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