CBAt summons Brazil to the South American Under-18 Championship

CBAt summons Brazil to the South American Under-18 Championship
CBAt summons Brazil to the South American Under-18 Championship

The Brazilian Confederation of Athletics (CBAt) summoned on Monday (29/8) the selection that will represent the country in the dispute of the South American Championship of Athletics Sub-18, that will be carried through from 9 to 11 of September, in the stadium of Olympic Training and Research Center, in Vila Clementino, in São Paulo.

A total of 66 athletes were called up – 32 in females and 34 in males -, following the criteria established by the CBAt (the champions of the Brazilian Championship, held in Bragança Paulista (SP) and the best-placed athletes in the Ranking of the category.

Among the highlights are Vanessa Sena dos Santos, from AD Centro Olímpico (100 m, 4×100 m and long jump), in the women’s, and Vinícius Moura Galeno, from CASO-DF, (400 m), in the men’s – both have several titles important in the curriculum and represented Brazil in the U-20 World Championship, in the beginning of August, in Cali, Colombia.

The chairman of the Board of Directors of CBAt, Wlamir Motta Campos, announced the live calls directly from the Casa dos Atletas of Prevent Senior NewOn, in São Paulo. “This place is very special and all those who are entitled to the athletics health plan should take advantage of it because it has doctors who are specialists in the sport, nutritionists, physiotherapists, gynecologists, in short, everything necessary to assist athletes”, recalled Wlamir, who told with the company of Vanessa Sena dos Santos. “This place is wonderful and I am treated with love and affection,” said the Brazilian under-18 long jump record holder, with 6.31 m.

Wlamir took the opportunity to welcome all those called up and congratulate athletes, family members, coaches, teams, sponsors. “When I wore the uniform of the Brazilian team in the days of the youth categories, I felt stronger and more beautiful,” recalled the president, a former shot put athlete. “The objective is for Brazil, competing at home, to maintain continental hegemony and protagonism. There will be 13 countries in a great entry event in international athletics for many athletes.”

Wlamir said that in addition to the South American countries, the event will feature a very special guest, World Athletics President Sebastian Coe, Sir Seb, as he is known in Great Britain.

CBAt’s Technical Director, Jorge Bichara, also participated in the live call. “We follow the regulations and call for two athletes per event among Brazilian champions and the best placed in the category ranking. The call will be published in an official note and we are waiting for everyone’s confirmation so that we can also call the coaches and thus speed up the whole process.”

Brazilian team for the South American Under-18


Vanessa Sena dos Santos (AD Centro Olímpico-SP) – 100 m – 4×100 m – distance

Natália Campregher (APA Jaraguá do Sul-SC) – 100 m – 4×100 m – 100 m hurdles

Maria Fernanda Moreira Rosa (CT Maranhão-MA) – 200 m – 4×100 m

Pietra Campbell Simões (CASO-DF) – 200 m

Amanda Miranda (Geração Atletismo Cianorte-PR) – 4×100 m – 400 mc/hurdles

Vitória Lorrane Santos da Silva (Sport Club Recife-PE) – 4×100 m

Júlia Rocha Ribeiro (IPEC-PR) – 400 m

Letícia Evelin Lopes (IPEC-PR) – 400 m

Luise Rosa Braga (CASO-DF) – 800 m

Júlia Silva Gonçalves (Barra do Garças-MT) – 800 m

Helena Mees Valério (PM São José dos Pinhais-PR) – 1,500 m – 3,000 m

Ana Mees Valério (PM São José dos Pinhais-PR) – 1,500 m – 3,000 m

Pamela Nievily Santana da Silva (Sport Clube Recife-PE) – 100 m hurdles

Maria Eduarda Chagas (Corville Athletics Association-SC) – 400 m hurdles

Juliany Francisca da Costa (Geração Atletismo Cianorte-PR) – 2,000 m hurdles

Bianca Davi de Souza (IPEC-PR) – 2000 m hurdles

Maria Eduarda de Oliveira (Barra Bonita-SP) – height – triple

Thaiane Rodrigues de Morais (Instituto Vicente Lenílson-MT) – triple

Luísa Lummertz Colares Lopes (SR Mampituba-SC) – height

Nayza Gabrielli Rodrigues Donanzan (Barra Bonita-SP) – distance

Júlia Santos Calabretti (Olympic Center-SP) – rod

Luiza Camargos Batista (IPEC-PR) – court

Samanta da Silva Lopes (Luasa-SP) – weight – disc

Camila Flach (IPEC-PR) – weight – disc

Kimberly de Souza Assiz (PM Colombo-PR) – hammer

Ana Paula Teply (Pomerode-SC) – hammer

Gabriella Cazoti Barcellos (AS Instituto Federal do Espírito Santo-ES) – dart

Isabela Rosa Dantas (ADAC-MS) – dart

Gabrielly Pereira Neves (CASO-DF) – 5,000 m march

Nicolle Monteiro Costa (Geração Atletismo Cianorte-PR) – 5,000 m walk

Júlia Marconato Leite (SEL/Clube dos Bancários de Marília-SP) – heptathlon

Isabela Beatriz Teixeira (ADC São Bernardo-SP) – heptathlon


Ângelo Miguel Thomaz Conceição (Benônio Gouvêa-ES) – 100 m – 200 m – 4×100 m

Thiago Zaniboni da Silva (Integrated Center for Human Performance-RJ) – 100 m – 4×100 m

Paulo Henrique Romualdo da Silva (IPEC-PR) – 110 m/hurdles – 4×100 m

Ariel Arthur Pisetta Ribeiro (AABLU-SC) – 4×100 m

Hyago Melo de Araújo (AMAM-AM) – 4×100 m

Matheus Gerônimo Gama (IPEC-PR) – 200 m

Vinicius Moura Galeno (CASO-DF) – 400 m

Tainan Zart (Clube de Atletismo Chapecó-SC) – 400 m

Vinícius Moraes Costa (ABDA Atletismo-SP) – 800 m

Bryan Nikson Reis Alves (ACA-SC) – 800m

João Pedro Alves (Barra do Garças-MT) – 1,500 m – 3,000 m

Pedro Henrique da Luz de Freitas (ASCORT-RS) – 1,500 m

Samuel Costa Santana (AAS Joana Darc-SP) – 3,000 m – 2,000 m with obstacles

Gustavo Almeida de Lima (Olympic Center-SP) – 2000 m hurdles

Vinícius de Brito (ACARISUL-SC) – 110 mc/barriers – 400 mc/barriers

Ruan Miguel dos Santos Souza (IPEC-PR) – 400 mc/barriers

Eric Guedes Cardoso (AA Paranavaí-PR) – height

Gabriel Tavares da Silva Borges (IPEC-PR) – height

Renan Firakawa Akamine (Centro Olímpico-SP) – distance – pole

Victor Raphael Rodrigues Leite (SESI-SP) – distance

Gilvan Ribeiro da Costa (SEMELPA-Peixoto-MT) – triple

Mikael Araújo Pochini (SESI-SP) – triple

Pedro Henrique dos Santos Aparecido (ASUFAM-SP) – court

Alberto Rodrigues dos Santos Filho (AC Nipo Brasileira de Araçatuba-SP) – weight – disc

Alessandro Borges Soares (AC Nipo Brasileira de Araçatuba-SP) – weight

Yuri Moreira Benites (Mboeroy Guarani Kaiowa-MS Municipal School APP) – dart

Arthur Monteiro Curvo (AA Bank of Brazil-MT) – dart

Luan Braz (SR Mampituba-SC) – disc

Luís Felipe Abilio Gomes Barbosa (IPEC-PR) – hammer

Henrique dos Santos Guse (APA Jaraguá do Sul-SC) – hammer

Klaubert Emanoel Ferreira de Franca (CASO-DF) – 10,000 m march

Emanuel Pereira de Sena (CASO-DF) – 10,000 m march

Henrique Rodrigues Pinto (Orcampi-SP) – decathlon

Igor Silvestre de Lima de Jesus (Cianorte-PR Athletics Generation) – decathlon

Photo: Moises Nascimento/CBAt

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