Flamengo equals Cruzeiro’s record with a rout in Argentina

Flamengo equals Cruzeiro’s record with a rout in Argentina
Flamengo equals Cruzeiro’s record with a rout in Argentina
photo: Jorge Gontijo/EM. Brazil

Cruzeiro had a good team in 1999; Alex Alves was one of the highlights

Flamengo took no notice and beat Vlez, 4-0, at the José Amalfitani stadium, this Wednesday (31/8), for the Copa Libertadores. With the result, the team from Rio de Janeiro equaled the feat of Cruzeiro, holder of the biggest rout by a Brazilian club over an Argentine away from home, in Conmebol competitions.

In 1999, the cruise beat Racing, by 4-0, at Clindro, in Argentina, for the Mercosul Cup. The celestial team was coached by Levir Culpi and had a cast made up of great players, such as Cris, Valdo, Djair, Marcelo Ramos and Alex Alves, among others.

In that match, Cruzeiro went ahead with Paulo Isidoro, at 34′; Andr Luiz widened, at 40′ of the first half. In the final stage, Djair, at 6′, scored the third, and Paulo Isidoro, at 14′, closed the scoring.

Cruzeiro was on the way in Mercosul after suffering a historic rout to Palmeiras, 7-3, in the first leg of the quarterfinals, in So Paulo. On the way back, Raposa won 2-0, but was eliminated.

Biggest wins of Brazilians over Argentines away from home

1999 – Racing 0 x 4 Cruzeiro, no Cylinder (Argentina) – Copa Mercosur

2022 – Vlez 0 x 4 Flamengo, at Jos Amalfitani (Argentina) – Copa Libertadores

2013 – Arsenal 2 x 3 Atltico, at Julio Grondona – Copa Libertadores

1997 – Lans 1 x 4 Atltico, at the Municipal Stadium of Lans – Copa Conmebol

2000 – River 4 x 1 Vasco, at Monumental – Copa Mercosul

game sheet

Racing 0 x 4 Cruise

Reason: 1999 Mercosur Cup. 4th round of Group A.

Date: 09/15/1979

Place: El Cilindro, Avellaneda (Argentina).

Racing: cancers; Gaitan, Banegas, Falashi (Ubeda) and Liendo; Garaycochea, Bastia, Lux and Orellano (Delgado); Diez (Peralta) and Chatruc. Tc: Gustavo Costas.

Cruise: Andrew; Gustavo, Cris, Marcelo Djian and Andr Luiz; Donizete (Marcos Paulo), Valdo, Djair, Paulo Isidoro; Marcelo Ramos (Ricardinho) and Alex Alves (Geovanni). Tc: Levir Culpi.

goals: Paulo Isidoro (2x), Andr Luiz and Djair

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