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Hamilton touches Alonso at Les Combes, catapults and retires from the Belgian GP (Video: Reproduction)

The clash between Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso at Les Combes continues to give rise to the heat. At the Formula 1 Belgian GP, ​​the seven-time champion was fighting for position with the Alpine driver when he tried to overtake on the outside. But the two ended up touching, and the Brit was the one who took the worst, catapulting on the track and abandoning in the sequence.

Alonso continued in the dispute, but complained a lot about Hamilton on the radio, saying that the rival “idiot” “only knows how to drive when he starts first”. At the press conference this Thursday (1), before the Dutch GP, the two-time champion asked the seven-time champion for forgiveness — but not without, of course, making a reservation.

“First: Lewis is a champion, a legend of our time. When you say something – and I’m sorry to say this – against a British driver, there’s a lot of press involvement afterwards. They always say a lot about ‘Checo’ (Pérez), Carlos (Sainz) and me too. If you say something to a Latino pilot, everything gets a little more fun. When he talks to others, things get serious”, pointed out Alonso.

Hamilton tried to pass Alonso on the outside, but closed rival and took the worst (Photo: Reproduction / F1)

“Anyway, yes, I apologize. I wasn’t thinking straight when I said it. I don’t think there’s much to blame at that point, to be honest. Looking at the replays and everything — it’s a first-lap crash, we’re all very close to each other.”

It is worth remembering that Hamilton took responsibility for the accident. Even without a penalty from the FIA ​​(Federation Internationale de Automobilismo) on account of the crash, the Mercedes driver is at risk of having to change the engine of his W13 and start from the back of the grid in Zandvoort.

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“No, no, no. I don’t believe what I said. I mean, it’s not a matter of believing it or not — facts show that it isn’t (Hamilton only knows how to start and drive from first place). It’s something you say in the heat of the moment. But as I said, none of what I said is true. I have great respect (for Hamilton). When we’re talking to the TV’s, I’m going to approach him and apologize. I absolutely have no problem whatsoever with it. As I said, the feeling is one of great respect”, reiterated Alonso.

vote of silence

In protest against all the repercussions of the case, the Alpine Spaniard promised to “quiet” on the radio from now on. Comparing Formula 1 with other sports, Alonso declared he was against the ‘unbridled’ transmission of audios of interaction between drivers and teams.

Alonso signals Hamilton after collision between the two at Spa (Video: F1)

“When you say something on the radio, at that moment, you think you are talking to your engineer, preparing strategies. Obviously, I have to always be aware that everything is broadcast. But if someone gives you a cart in football, at that moment, you say something to your teammate or to the opponent that is not transmitted to everyone. For sure, (from now on) I will be very quiet on the radio. It’s a sport that has this thing about conveying things that you should have a little privacy with the team. So I’m going to try to calm down on the radio and not be part of this show that I don’t agree with “, he shot.

“(Radios being broadcast) I don’t think they should. Football, tennis, whatever — these are sports where you can have your private moments and prepare for anything. But I know it’s part of the show. As I said, things that are broadcast on the radio are usually more ‘spicy’, because the sport wants that — to spice up the race. They never relay instructions from my engineer, because it’s not interesting — and that’s what we talk about every lap. But I understand all this. Unfortunately, the measure I need to take to avoid this is to be quiet all the time”, concluded the two-time world champion.

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