Alonso respects Hamilton but criticizes lack of privacy in F1

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At press conferences for the Dutch GP, Fernando Alonso said he apologizes to Lewis Hamilton for the comments made about the seven-time champion of formula 1 after the accident on the first lap of the Belgium. The Spaniard called the pilot of the mercedes “idiot” who only knows how to run when starting from the front row.

Hamilton claimed responsibility for the crash but was not sanctioned, with the FIA ​​stewards assuming it happened on the first lap. The seven-time champion abandoned the race and could suffer consequences if he doesn’t have a total engine loss.

Ahead of the Dutch GP, Alonso said he made the comments on the spur of the moment, without reflecting his real thoughts on his former McLaren teammate.

“First of all, Lewis is a champion, a legend of our time,” Alonso told “And when you say something, and I apologize for repeating it, about a British driver, there is a lot of involvement from the average. [Pérez]by Carlos [Sainz] and from me”.

“If you say something about a Latino pilot, everything is a little more fun. When you say something about others, it gets more serious. But yeah, I apologize. I didn’t think about what I said. But I don’t think there was much to blame at the moment to be honest, looking at the replays and everything, because it was a first-round incident, and we were all really close together.”

He also insists he doesn’t defend what he said about Hamilton only being able to drive at the front.

“No, don’t believe that. In fact, it’s not a question of whether I believe it or not, there are facts that show that it’s not so. It’s something that is said in the heat of the moment. But, as I said, nothing I said is I have a lot of respect for him”.

Fernando Alonso, Alpine A522, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W13

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Alonso said he has not yet had time to apologize directly to Hamilton, but that he hopes to do so this Thursday in Zandvoort.

“Hopefully, while we’re at the TV interviews, I’ll approach him to apologize if he understands that. I have no problem with him and, as I said, I have a lot of respect for him.”

“The heat of the moment, the adrenaline of the moment, fighting to finally be in the top two, three, made me make comments that I shouldn’t have. But at the same time, as I said after the race, I consider it a racing incident.”

“When you say something on the radio, in the heat of the moment, you think you’re talking to the engineer, preparing your strategy. Obviously you need to be aware that it’s being broadcast.”

“I’ll be very quiet on the radio. It’s a sport that broadcasts things, things that should be kept in the privacy of the team. So I’ll always be quiet on the radio, it’s not the part of the show that I don’t agree with.”

“That’s the only sport where you don’t have moments of privacy. But I know that’s part of the show and like I said all the things that are broadcast are a little spicy because that’s what the sport wants. you need to take to keep things said in the heat of the moment from getting across is to be quiet all the time.”

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