Corinthians defeated by Pinheiros and continues without winning in the Paulista Basketball Championship

Corinthians defeated by Pinheiros and continues without winning in the Paulista Basketball Championship
Corinthians defeated by Pinheiros and continues without winning in the Paulista Basketball Championship

This Wednesday, Corinthians was defeated by Pinheiros by 91 to 82, at Ginásio Henrique Villaboim. The duel was valid for the Paulista Basketball Championship. It was the fourth time in a row that Timão lost in the state competition.

The alvinegro club entered the court looking to win again in the tournament. Corinthians came from three consecutive defeats. Currently, Timão occupies the penultimate position of the Paulista Basketball Championship.

The match was eventful. Pinheiros was superior in the first period and even opened a lead of 24 points on the scoreboard. Corinthians grew in the last quarter and managed to reduce the deficit to 13, but did not do enough to win.

Munford was the game’s scorer with 24 points. The Corinthians athlete who scored the most was Isaac, who scored 18 points.

Write it down – Corinthians returns to the court next Friday. Timão faces Osasco Basquete at 8 pm, at the Wlamir Marques Gym. The duel is valid for the Paulista Basketball Championship.


Leo Figueiró started Corinthians with maximum force for this match valid for the Campeonato Paulista de Basquete. Timão entered the court with: Gabi Campos, Isaac, Cauê Borges and Mãozinha and Maique.

The game

first room

The match started off truncated, with both teams missing a lot on the first pitches. Pinheiros was the first team to score with one minute running on the clock. After missing two free throws, shirt 6 scored in a shot inside the lane. Timão returned with two free throws converted by Isaac.

After the first points, Pinheiros managed to hit the attack and consolidate a strong defense at that moment of the match. Timão’s opponent even opened a five-point advantage on the scoreboard.

Corinthians started to bet on quick plays inside the lane. Maique was very active and was well in the lane defensively and offensively. However, at four minutes, the player was injured and left the court. On the other hand, the rival continued well in the attack.

Pinheiros bet on quick transition plays and managed to open a good advantage on the scoreboard. With three minutes left to the end of the first quarter, the Corinthians opponents led with an advantage of eleven points.

The alvinegro club improved in the last minutes of the first quarter and managed to reduce the difference on the scoreboard. Cauê Borges and Gabi Campos made two baskets out of three and the score was 26-19 for Pinheiros.

Second bedroom

Corinthians returned to the court betting on plays on the perimeter. Isaac converted three points on the first try. However, Pinheiros made very few mistakes in the attack and started to try to prevent the attack of Timão.

The Corinthians opponent grew in the match. After a good sequence of baskets by Ruivo, Timão’s rival opened a 13-point lead on the scoreboard with six minutes left on the clock. The game was 37 to 24.

Timão had difficulties in the offensive transition and could not overcome Pinheiros’ marking. The three-point balls also stopped falling and Corinthians had difficulty touching the scoreboard.

In the last minutes, Pinheiros grew in the match. The Munford pivot was very active and was left in the Corinthian bottle. The game went to halftime with the score 50-30 for the visiting team.

Highlight for Munford, who ended the first period with 14 points, and Ruivo, who scored 11 points and made seven assists. On the Corinthians side, Isaac scored eight points and Gabi Campos scored six.

Third room

Corinthians returned to the third period with the mission of reducing the distance on the scoreboard to tie the match. Timão bet on quick transitional plays, focusing on shots from the rim.

Pinheiros came back with great efficiency in defense. Maicon Douglas was the highlight of the opposing team and had a streak of four hits and eight points. With six minutes left, the opponent opened up a 24-point lead.

With four minutes to go in the quarter, Corinthians showed a reaction. Lázaro Rojas started well and managed to score four points. Cauê Borges was also successful with a three-point ball and reduced the lead on the scoreboard to less than 20 points.

The reaction of the Parque São Jorge club was short-lived. Pinheiros managed to score points in plays inside the lane. Corinthians could not stop the opponent’s attack. Timão’s disadvantage returned to 24 points.

The alvinegro club returned to be efficient in the attack and managed to reduce the advantage in the last minutes. With points from Gabi Campos, Mãozinha and Queiroz, the difference dropped to 13 points on the scoreboard.

last quarter

Corinthians returned with impetus to try to tie the game. Timão even reduced the advantage to ten points. However, Pinheiros regained the advantage in the match and managed to maintain the double-digit difference in the game.

The match was balanced, with the alvinegro club insisting on playing in the lane. Pinheiros could not repeat the offensive performance of the beginning of the fourth, and allowed Corinthians to get closer to the score.

With three minutes to go, Cauê Borges made a three-pointer from almost halfway down the court and reduced Pinheiros’ advantage to seven points. Corinthians was experiencing its best moment in the match. Shortly after, Lázaro Rojas scored from the lane and the lead narrowed to five points.

Timão touched the score and insisted to draw. However, Pinheiros scored twice with Maicon Douglas and the opponent opened a ten-point lead to Corinthians. The match ended 91 to 82 for the home team.

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