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Lando Norris had a very difficult weekend in Belgium, starting from the back of the pack and fighting throughout the race to try to get into the points zone. Trapped behind a ‘little train’ of cars using the mobile wing led by Alexander Albon, the Briton couldn’t climb enough positions and finished 12th, three places ahead of Daniel Ricciardo – who started in seventh, while Lando came out in 16th. . After the race, the McLaren talent complained about the poor efficiency of the DRS in the orange car.

“I think we are probably some of the fastest on the straights,” said Norris. “We lost a lot with DRS, for some reason. With DRS, it’s pretty shocking. Some cars are much better than others, but I think at pure straight-line speed we were faster than Red Bull.”

“But then Red Bull opens the DRS and gains another 15 km/h, and it’s on a different level to everyone else,” he said. “So maybe there’s something we’re leaving out about DRS, and that gives us less overtaking opportunities than other people,” he said.

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Norris spent much of his time stuck in a train of cars in which everyone had DRS (Photo: McLaren)

Despite having recognized the speed of the McLaren set on the Spa-Francorchamps straights, Norris admitted that it was not enough to represent a competitive advantage over the other competitors. At the end of the race, the Briton couldn’t leave Lance Stroll and Albon behind and had to settle for 12th place.

“We had probably one of the best straight-line speeds this weekend, the last sector must have been one of the fastest”, he evaluated. “But at low, medium, high speed, nothing represented a force this weekend. We’re just a little under in every area,” she lamented.

“I think we knew that the race was going to be a lot worse than it was in the last few years, just because of the vacuum – which is a lot worse,” he said. “But other than that, I got stuck behind Aston Martin [de Lance Stroll] and from Williams [de Alex Albon]. I think Aston Martin’s pace was clearly better than ours. But Williams was so fast on the straight, and I was inside the DRS train, I just couldn’t do anything. I recognize that we were where we deserved to be,” he concluded.

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Even starting 16th, Norris finished ahead of Ricciardo again (Photo: McLaren)

Finally, Lando gave his opinion and said that the Belgian track reinforced the differences between the teams by demanding a higher level of efficiency than others. As for the next challenge, in Holland, the Englishman expects the result to be much better than last year — when he didn’t get past tenth place.

“I think the differences between all the cars looked bigger this weekend,” he analyzed. “A bigger track, a lot is about efficiency here. Use as little aerodynamics as possible, but still have a car that performs well in both high-speed and low-speed corners. And that’s clearly what we don’t have.”

“The downforce is greater, so hopefully that will move us a little more towards the pace of Budapest,” cheers Norris. “But you never know, it was our worst track last season. I hope that this year is not the case, because some of the problems we had in previous years are not so evident this year, but we have other problems. It can’t be much worse than this weekend.”

Formula 1 resumes its activities this weekend, with the Dutch GP dispute, in Zandvoort, scheduled to take place between the 2nd and 4th of September.

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