Four names confirm pre-candidacy for the presidency of Botafogo in 2024


The political scenario for the elections in Botafogo in 2024 is beginning to take shape. Four names confirmed pre-candidacy: André Silva, João Paulo Magalhães, Walmer Machado and Vinícius Assumpção. The future president will manage the social club for the four-year period 2025/2028. In relation to football, it will be up to the supervision of the procedures carried out by the SAF provided for in the contract. Football and derivatives are under the control of the Eagle Rolding fund, led by North American John Textor, majority shareholder of SAF with 90%. The report from Super Radio Tupi maintained contact with all pre-candidates.

André Silva – Photo: Reproduction/Glorioso Connection

André Silva was the first to confirm his pre-candidacy in an interview with the “Na Cabine Podcast” channel. Deputy for football in the Maurício Assumpção administration from 2009 to 2012, he hopes to continue the work that is being developed, improve some issues with the SAF, and consolidate actions in the social and Olympic sports aspects.

João Paulo Magalhães (left) next to Rubens Lopes, president of the Federation – Photo: Agência/Ferj

João Paulo Magalhães, President of Boavista-RJ, will also run in Botafogo. He confirmed the pre-candidacy information after the Taça Rio decision last Sunday at the Nilton Santos stadium.

Vinicius AssumpçãoVinicius Assumpção
Vinícius Assumpção – Photo: Vítor Silva/Botafogo

Vice-President General of Botafogo, Vinícius Assumpção also confirmed the pre-candidacy. He adopts the line of succession of the current administration led by President Durcesio Melo.

“As the current General Vice-President, under the leadership of Durcesio, we carried out a series of efforts to recover the club. Today we live in a new reality, where we see Botafogo restructuring itself. I place myself as a pre-candidate for the presidency, with the aim of continuing the work that has been started, deepening the transparency and professionalism initiated in this administration and to maintain and improve the good relationship we have today with the SAF,” Vinícius responded to

Walmer Machado – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram (@walmer Presidentebotafogo)

Walmer Machado is another pre-candidate name. Active lawyer in Brazilian courts and former Legal Director of public and private companies, he ran in the last election leading Chapa Verde, second place in the election in General Severiano.

Always present in Glorioso’s latest electoral processes, the “Mais Botafogo” group, through leaders, stated that it is still debating a future candidacy internally.

The elections are scheduled to take place in the second half of December. The process should begin on July 10th, with the creation of the club’s Electoral Board, led by the current President of the Deliberative Council Mauro Sodré Maia. Steps will be established to be followed by the Board of Directors, which will initially need to present a list with the number of members. Afterwards, the defaulting members eligible to vote will be confirmed. In the last vote, each ticket needed to have 140 names to be validated. After a statutory change was made last year, this number fell to 60.

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