Santos loanees face each other in the state finals


Soteldo returned after injury (Credit: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio)

O Santos There are 18 players on loan and ten played this weekend. And there were Santos loanees facing each other in the state finals: Fernandinho was on the bench for Náutico while Lucas Lima was a starter for Sport. Soteldo entered the Guild and dueled against João Lucas and Lucas Barbosa.

Eliminated from the statethe goalkeeper’s Guarani Vladimir waits for the Series B dispute and the defender’s Água Santa Johnnathan and the attacker’s Retro Tailson will have Series D, both tournaments start in April. At the Minermidfielder Ipatinga Luizinho duel against the Democrat this Monday (01).

At the Goianothe defender Luiz Felipe He was on the bench in Atlético-GO’s victory against Vila Nova 2-0, in the Brazilian Alvarenga, in the first leg of the final. For the Pernambucanothe defender Robson Reis was not related and the attacker Fernandinho was on the bench in Naútico’s 2-0 defeat to Sport, which had the midfielder Lucas Lima as a starter, at Barros de Carvalho.

At the Gauchãothe attacking midfielder Soteldo entered Grêmio’s goalless draw with Juventude, who had a right-back John Lucas and the attacking midfielder Lucas Barbosa as starters, at Alfredo Jaconi, for the final.


For the La Ligathe side Lucas Pires He played in Cádiz’s 1-0 victory over Granada at Nuevo Mirandilla in La Liga. At Portuguese Leaguethe side Nathan He was a starter in Famalicão’s 2-1 victory over Gil Vicente, in the City of Barcelos. The defender Basso and steering wheel Zanocelo They were starters in Estortil’s 1-0 victory over Porto, at Coimbra da Mota, in the Liga Portugal contest.

At the Argentine Championshipsteering wheel Rodrigo Fernández was a starter and sent off in Newell’s Old Boys’ 1-0 victory over Sarmiento, at the Eva Perón. Liga MXthe midfielder Gabriel Carabajal He was on the bench in Puebla’s 3-2 defeat to Tigres at Cuauhtémoc. For the J-League 2the attacker Lucas Braga was a starter in Shimizu S-Pulse (Japan)’s 2-0 defeat to Yamagata at Stadium Yamagata.

See those on loan from Santos:

  • goalkeeper Vladimir (Guarani): There was no Guarani game
  • defender João Basso (Estoril): Holder
  • defender Luiz Felipe (Atlético-GO): Stayed on the bench
  • defender Jhonnathan (Água Santa): There was no Água Santa game
  • defender Robson Reis (Náutico): Not related after a left ankle fracture
  • right-back João Lucas (Youth): Holder and took yellow
  • right-back Nathan (Famalicão): Holder and took yellow
  • left-back Lucas Pires (Cadiz): Entered at 31 minutes of the 2Q
  • midfielder Rodrigo Fernández (Old Boys): Holder, received two yellow cards and sent off in the 30th minute of the 2Q
  • midfielder Vinicius Zanocelo (Estoril): Holder (left 41 minutes into the 2Q)
  • midfielder Luizinho (Ipatinga): Ipatinga has a game today
  • half Carabajal (Puebla): Bank
  • midfielder Lucas Lima (Sport): Holder (left at half-time)
  • attacking midfielder Lucas Barbosa (Youth): Holder (left 45 minutes into the 2Q)
  • attacking midfielder Soteldo (Grêmio): Entered 35 minutes into the 2Q
  • striker Lucas Braga (Shimizu S-Pulse): Holder (left 21 minutes into the 2Q)
  • striker Fernandinho (Náutico): Bank
  • striker Tailson (Retro): There was no Retrô game

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