Acoustics problem? What Arena MRV intends to do to resolve the issue

Acoustics problem? What Arena MRV intends to do to resolve the issue
Acoustics problem? What Arena MRV intends to do to resolve the issue

After the record attendance at Arena MRV, last Saturday, in the first Minas Gerais Championship final game, the discussion that took over social media is the acoustics of Atlético’s stadium. The Galo fans themselves were angry, in addition to the 2-2 result, after the team went 2-0 up on the scoreboard, with the reverberation (or lack thereof) of the chants from the black and white fans.

According to the stadium project, the Arena’s coverage was calculated to meet the requirements of the Belo Horizonte City Council licensing process. The guideline is that a specific amount of decibels should be maintained within the stadium. Therefore, rock wool was installed, which is a thermal and acoustic insulator.

However, on social media, complaints about the acoustics of Arena MRV were massive among Atletico fans, which was a reason for ridicule from their rivals. On X, formerly Twitter, fans did not spare the acoustics of Arena MRV.

“It’s not the fans’ fault, the acoustics are horrible, the sound doesn’t reach anywhere, that only exists at Arena MRV”, wrote an Atlético fan.

“The acoustics are terrible, you can’t hear anything the fans are singing, the stadium absorbs all the sound, it’s bizarre,” said another.


According to engineer Betinho Marques, guest on the Barba, Cabelo e Bigode program, on FM The Weatherthe technical problem faced by the stadium’s acoustics is that the sound does not reverberate internally as expected.

“The Arena managed to prevent the sound from reaching the community, but it was unable to ensure that this sound propagated properly within the gaming environment. The sound is absorbed by the structure and does not reverberate, as it should. It would be like a mirror, the sound would hit and return to the internal environment”, he explained.


Atlético has been working on the need to correct sound reverberation into the internal environment. Sources linked to the club have already revealed that the process to resolve the issue, which began in February, has a deadline to be carried out until November. Officially, the black and white club guarantees that it is studying alternatives to improve the acoustics of Arena MRV.

Atlético’s CEO, Bruno Muzzi, has already said that the club intends, among other ways, to solve the problem by installing speakers in the upper part of the stadium so that the sound returns to the lower part.

“We are going to place another 20 subwoofers (a sound reproduction device developed to reproduce sound frequencies) there, high-performance bass to be able to improve the sound pressure at shows and also on game days. And we are also working on a new design to try to reverberate a little more of the noise in there. So, everything is planned, according to the script”, said the director to No Attack.

The next game at Arena MRV is scheduled for the 10th, at 7pm (Brasília time), against Rosario Central, from Argentina. This will be the first international game in the history of the black and white stadium. The match is valid for the 2nd round of the Copa Libertadores 2024.

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