Big Wave Index Krown – Laguna hosts Brazilian

Big Wave Index Krown – Laguna hosts Brazilian
Big Wave Index Krown – Laguna hosts Brazilian
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The Brazilian Surfing Confederation (CBSurf), in partnership with Big Waves Brasil (BWB), announces the launch of the CBSurf Big Wave Index Krown, an event that will crown the first Brazilian Big Wave Surfing Champion. Praia do Cardoso, Laguna (SC) will be the stage for the competition, which promises to raise the level of sport in the country and generate great impact in the region. The tournament has a waiting window between April 26th and November 30th.

The event represents a milestone for big wave surfing in Brazil. CBSurf, as the highest sports entity in the country, recognizes the importance of the sport and takes an important step to professionalize it and offer athletes the opportunity to compete at a high level.

“As Vice President and Sports Director, it is an immense honor for us to be able to strengthen Big Wave Surfing, rewarding and crowning our first Brazilian Big Wave Champion in the history of Brazilian surfing. CBSurf has the mission of taking care of surfing throughout Brazil, and big surfing is certainly one of the most important categories, given its history of great athletes on the world stage”, highlights Paulo Moura.

Praia do Cardoso was chosen for its unique characteristics, which make it ideal for big wave. Consistent waves, with the potential to reach up to 20 meters in height, and the region’s infrastructure, with easy access and good reception, were some of the factors that influenced the decision.

The CBSurf Big Wave Index Krown will also have a positive socioeconomic impact on the region. The expectation is that the event will bring tourists, generate income and promote local development. Furthermore, the event organization is committed to environmental management, with measures to minimize the impact of the competition on the environment.

Event schedule

April 19, 2024: Press conference with those mainly responsible for the event.

April 26 to November 30, 2024: Waiting window for the event, with the organization monitoring sea conditions.

Yellow Signal: The organization gives 7 days notice of the possibility of holding the event.

Green light: The organization confirms the event 4 days in advance.

Competition day: The date will be defined according to the best wave conditions.

Awards’ ceremony: Open to the public, with live music and live streaming.

As this is the first edition of the event and there was no preliminary selection, CBSurf created a list of athletes, bringing together the biggest highlights of the sport today. Check out the list:

1 Lucas Chumbo (RJ)
2 Pedro Calado (RJ)
3 Paulo Moura (PE)
4 Gabriel Samps (RJ)
5 Gabriel Sodré (RJ)
6 Eric de Souza (RJ)
7 Vinicius dos Santos (SC)
8 Rodrigo Koxa (SP)
9 Caio Vaz (RJ)
10 Marcos Monteiro (RJ)
11 Lapo Coutinho (BA)
12 Buday Santos (RN)
13 Will Santana (RJ)
14 Lucas Silveira (SC)
15 Stephan Figueiredo (RJ)
16 Ian Consenza (RJ)
17 Kalani Lattanzi (RJ)
18 Marco Polo (SC)
19 German Maresias (SP)
20 Rafael Becker (SC)
21 Carlos Henrique Guimarães (SC)
22 Vitor Serafim (SC)
23 Luiz Henrique (SC)
24 Guilherme Hillel (RJ)

The CBSurf Big Wave Index Krown has master sponsorship from the Government of the State of Santa Catarina, Mormaii and Laguna City Hall. It is also sponsored by Garopaba Surf House, BK Brands, NG86, Surfland and Mercado Camacho; co-sponsorships from Index Krown, Freesurf, Nob, Loft Cigana and Satto Surf Co. And support from Alaia Surf Shop, Big Rider House, Grud Comunicação Visual, TAC Telecom, Session Store, Suntech, Baiuka Pousada e Restaurante, Cardoso Surf Camping e Pousada, Restaurante Camarú, Posto Amizade, Kamuri Empreendimentos and Waves.

The competition is organized by the Brazilian Surfing Confederation (CBSurf) and Big Waves Brasil (BWB) and is approved by the Santa Marta Farol Surf and Tow-in Association (ASTFSM), Santa Catarina Surfing Federation (Fecasurf) and the Brazilian Confederation Surfing (CBSurf).

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