Flamengo admits losing Gabigol, but only wants to renew at the end of the year

Flamengo admits losing Gabigol, but only wants to renew at the end of the year
Flamengo admits losing Gabigol, but only wants to renew at the end of the year

The soap opera involving the renewal of a contract between Gabigol It is Flamengo must crawl to the end of 2024when the attacker’s current contract with Rubro-Negro will come to an end.

In an interview with CBN RadioRodolfo Landim, president of the club, confirmed that a proposal to extend the contract will be made at the end of the year, in a situation similar to that with other big names.

“Gabriel’s contract ends on December 31st, and from June 1st he is free to sign with any other club. Flamengo has historically demonstrated on several occasions that it extends players’ contracts to the end and renews them at the end. We did this with Diego Ribas, Diego Alves, Filipe Luís, Bruno Henrique, and they renewed with Flamengo”, said Landim, recalling the case of Everton Ribeiro, who chose to leave the club in the face of a more financially advantageous offer to join Bahia.

“It happened, for example, that we made a proposal to Everton Ribeiro and he received a better offer on the market. We were unable to match this proposal and we wish him luck. We’re going to make a proposal. Gabigol will have this opportunity to decide.”

“We can’t talk unilaterally about whether we count on him or not. We will certainly want to tell him, but he may have other better opportunities than playing for Flamengo. It will be up to him to decide.”

Even with the certainty that Gabriel would remain in the squad, Landim did not rule out the possibility of losing the striker in the middle of 2023 given the chance that the athlete would agree to a pre-contract with another team for the next season.



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Flamengo’s vice president of football spoke after the victory against Nova Iguaçu

“Of course it’s a concern, he’s an important player, very important in Flamengo’s history, and we’re still counting on him this year. We remain confident that this decision will be reversed in Switzerland, but we have to prepare.”

“We have now made a recent movement that has become public (signing of striker Carlinhos, from Nova Iguaçu) exactly to cover a possible gap of being without it during some games. We don’t control the time needed for him to be tried again.”

The decision in Switzerland, cited by the president of Flamengo, concerns to the appeal taken by Gabriel’s lawyers to the Sports Arbitration Court.

The athlete was suspended on March 25th for two years by the TJD-AD (Anti-Doping Sports Court of Justice) after being found guilty of an attempted drug test fraud.

According to the ESPNan appeal was filed by the athlete’s defense, with the support of Flamengo, to the European court, which is the highest instance of sports justice in the world.

If the appeal is accepted, CAS will schedule a trial, which will determine whether Gabriel’s hook will remain valid or will be overturned.

It should be noted, however, that if the Swiss court takes the case to trial, there are three possibilities:

  • The suspension is overturned;

  • The suspension will be maintained until April 2025;

  • The suspension will be extended until April 2028, which is the maximum penalty for cases of attempted fraud in an anti-doping test;

According to the report, the Rio team and Gabriel’s staff do not see the case with optimism, but will try to reverse it in Switzerland.

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