With R$8.2 million to receive from Botafogo, Rodrigo Beckham adheres to the renegotiation plan and praises SAF: ‘May this story be given new meaning’

With R$8.2 million to receive from Botafogo, Rodrigo Beckham adheres to the renegotiation plan and praises SAF: ‘May this story be given new meaning’
With R$8.2 million to receive from Botafogo, Rodrigo Beckham adheres to the renegotiation plan and praises SAF: ‘May this story be given new meaning’

O Botafogo face Nova Iguaçu this Saturday, at the Bezerrão Stadium, home of the gammaand there’s no way that slightly older black and white people won’t remember Rodrigo Beckham. The former midfielder arrived at Glorioso in 1999 precisely after standing out for the black and white club in the Federal District, having scored 29 goals with the black and white shirt in 111 games, and was one of the great players of that time.

Despite the quality he showed on the field, Rodrigo Beckham ended up remaining in the white news for longer due to the debt the club owes him and the successive attempts to receive back wages in court, which led to numerous blocks on Glorioso’s accounts. Now 47 years old, he wants to put this matter behind him.

– I receive affection from many Botafoguenses, this is a treasure that I will carry forever. Apart from those moments when I was misunderstood demanding what was rightfully mine, I also have no problem receiving criticism, I am not the owner of reason, but what remains is the art, which was built with a lot of love, a lot of dedication and that no one will go out. Botafogo is certainly a club that I have a different affection for – said Rodrigo to the “Resenha com TF” podcast.

Rodrigo Beckham still has to receive R$ 8,274,348.30, debt that is in the name of your company, RMLA Serviços e Eventos Ltda. The former player revealed that he joined the plan extrajudicial recovery of Botafogo to resolve civil debts, which today exceed R$400 million, and praised the SAF.

– It is a debt that has existed for 23 years. As we know, Botafogo has been changing presidents, sometimes you can’t achieve a healthy dialogue that you can do without using legal means, but it’s the only way for you to seek your rights. Every worker has their right, especially when they have done an honorable, decent, highly qualified job and deserve respect as anyone deserves – said Beckham.

– There were changes, Botafogo became SAF, other people are in charge, and I believe that this transition was very positive for Botafogo. Today Botafogo is a big company, it is structuring itself to leave a club sunk in debt and putting together a project that appears to be healthy. From what was signaled last year, raised in sponsorship, revenue from competitions, it shows that the club can be healthy, as long as it resolves the debts as they are doing – he continued.

– They are carrying out extrajudicial recovery and extending the debt for another 15, 20 years. And then it may be that Botafogo returns to being healthy as it should be. A club with the history, with the wealth of Botafogo, has to be like it was last year, fighting at the top of the table. I’m in line, I accepted the plan. Let it not be an end to the story, but let it be given new meaning, a good opportunity for both of you to continue making good partnerships. Suddenly I might be able to bring an interesting sponsorship to Botafogo, or an athlete, some type of business that is good for the club – he stressed.

Sadness about Brasileirão-2023

Rodrigo Beckham is now a coach, football coordinator and surfer in his leisure time. And he doesn’t stop following Botafogo, deeply regretting the team’s defeat in last year’s Brazilian Championship.

– I support Botafogo at every game. I was very sad last year. There was a game that I was very disappointed in, for me that game specifically was where Botafogo broke down mentally, which was Palmeiras’ turnaround – recalled the former player, giving his opinion on what was missing:

– There was a lack of a different personality, not accepting what was happening and doing something outside the script. This can be anything, it can be a conversation, an action, a dribble, a shot, each one has its own form. But there was a lack of experience there.

Watch Rodrigo Beckham’s interview on the “Resenha com TF” podcast:

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