Brazil beats Sweden and advances to the Davis Cup finals


Thiago Monteiro surpassed Elias Ylmer and sealed Brazil’s victory against Sweden 3-1 (André Gemmer/Green Filmes)

Brazil is qualified for the finals of the Davis Cup World Group. This Saturday, the national team defeated Sweden in doubles and singles and closed the duel 3-1. After the 1-1 draw on the first day, Rafael Matos and Felipe Meligeni beat Filip Bergevi and Andre Goransson in straight sets with partials of 6/2 and 7/5. Then, Thiago Monteiro beat Elias Ylmer 4/6, 6/4 and 6/2 and guaranteed the Brazilian victory at the Helsinborg Arena.


With the result, Brazil guaranteed qualification for the group stage of the Davis Cup for the first time, since the competition’s format changed in 2019. The team awaits the definition of the opponents and the draw to find out who they will face in the dispute that takes place between the 10th and 15th of September.

Captain Jaime Oncins highlighted the team spirit in achieving this important result for Brazilian tennis. “This moment will definitely be etched in everyone’s memory. I just have to say that I am very proud of this team, all the committed players, they left their things aside to be here, in a great union and with a single objective, which was to win”, highlighted Oncins.

Good start in doubles

Brazil once again took the lead in the match against Sweden with the victory of Rafael Matos and Felipe Meligeni over Filip Bergevi and Andre Goransson. After achieving a break in the first game, the Brazilians completely dominated the initial half and managed to close at 6/2.

In the second set, Rafael Matos and Felipe Meligeni managed a break in the third game and led the game until the moment they had the opportunity to serve to seal the victory. It was precisely when the Swedes prevented the Brazilians from confirming the loot.

Despite the scare, Rafael Matos and Felipe Meligeni were unfazed, remained superior and closed the second set 7/5. Check out the winning point below.

“Happy to have achieved this point for Brazil. It was a very difficult game, the first time we played a point like that at 1-1”, said Meligeni. “The energy was fundamental, both ours and the team’s support off the court,” added Matos.

Thiago Monteiro’s comeback

Thiago Monteiro Davis Cup Brazil x SwedenThiago Monteiro Davis Cup Brazil x Sweden
André Gemmer/Green Filmes

With the result in the doubles, a singles victory was enough for Brazil to eliminate Sweden and advance to the Davis Cup World Group. But Elias Ymer started better, breaking Thiago Monteiro’s serve in the fourth game and opening 3/1. The Brazilian, however, returned the break and managed to equalize the match at 3/3. The tie persisted until the tenth and final game, when the Swede managed another break to close the first set at 6/4.

The second set started with a break for each side, but then the balance persisted in the following games. In the eighth game, Thiago Monteiro struggled to confirm his serve, but managed to leave everything equal at 4/4. In the next game, the Brazilian managed to break Ylmer’s serve and turned the game around.

The Swedish tennis player then asked for medical attention on the court because of pain in his right shoulder. On the way back, Thiago Monteiro served to close the partial at 6/4 and tie the game. Brazil was one set away from the Davis Cup World Group.

In the third and decisive set, the Brazilian path to victory began to become clearer after two double faults followed by Elias Ylmer, which gave Thiago Monteiro the break in the third game. In the fifth, once again the Brazilian prevented the Swede from confirming the serve and opened 4/1.

Encouraged, Thiago Monteiro opened 5/1 with serve in his favor. Afterwards, Elias Ylmer served for survival and managed to end the sequence of two consecutive breaks. With the score at 5/2, the Brazilian served to close the game. Completely dominant, he reached 40/0 and had three match points in his favor. But he secured victory in the first to guarantee Brazil among the 16 best in the Davis Cup.


“I am very happy to be able to help Brazil qualify for the Davis Cup Finals. Since my debut with the team in 2016, it was a big dream to contribute to this. The dream was realized, the whole team committed themselves, fought hard and gave their all until the end. Without a doubt, without everyone’s work and commitment, none of this would be possible. I’m very proud to be part of this team and now we’re going to the Finals”, said Thiago Monteiro.

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